[visual-studio] Why does the Visual Studio editor show dots in blank spaces?

I have a strange bug in the Visual Studio text editor. All my blank spaces are replaced by a "."

public class Person
  int age;

looks like this

..int age;...................

I reset the settings to default. Didn't work. I also re-installed VS2008. Still didn't work. What's the error?

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The answer is

Visual Studio is configured to show whitespace.

Press Ctrl+R, Ctrl+W.

If you are using C# keyboard mappings: (thanks Simeon)

Press Ctrl+E, S.

If you want to use the menu: (thanks angularsen)

Edit > Advanced > View White Space

Please press below buttons in combination of Ctrl + R,W

In Visual Studio 2012
Go to
Edit -> Advanced -> View White Spaces
Press Ctrl+R, Ctrl+W

Press ctrl + E followed by S key to remove the lines in Visual Studio 10

In visual studio 2015, goto->view->formatting marks, unselect show

In Visual Studio vesrion 1.34.0 View -> Toggle Render Whitespace

I had the same problem and resolved by pressing Ctrl + R , Ctrl + W.


use: ctrl+shift+8 to toggle on/off.

(or manualy go to: Edit> Advance > "View Whitespaces")


Works also for Visual Studio 2008, when Tools/Options/Environment/Keyboard/Mapping Scheme: Visual C++ 6 is selected.

Looks like you have the view white space option enabled. Go to Edit -> Advanced -> and uncheck "View Whitespace"

go to File -> Preferences -> Settings, this will open two panels side by side, the left one is default setting and the right one is user setting, you can add your setting on right panel, for this you can add "editor.renderWhitespace": "all".

In Visual Studio 2019, this can also be configured in Tools -> Options -> General -> View whitespace

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