[javascript] Assign value from successful promise resolve to external variable

I have a pretty silly problem. Consider the following:

vm.feed = getFeed().then(function(data) {return data;});

getFeed() returns a $q deferred promise (I am on angular) that resolves successfully.

My goal is to set vm.feed equal to the data value returned by the successful callback. As it is right now, the code simply assigns vm.feed equal to the $promise object returned by getFeed().

I know I could simply do: vm.feed = data inside the resolved function but I want to understand why this code does not work as it is.

PD: the promise resolves correctly and even after it has been resolved vm.feed keeps being equal to the Promise, and not data. I copy the console.log of vm.feed after +10 seconds have elapsed:

Promise {$$state: Object} $$state: Objectstatus:1 value: Object

That value property inside the Promise object contains the actual solution of the promise that I want to assign to vm.feed (e.i. data).

thank you!

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The answer is

The then() method returns a Promise. It takes two arguments, both are callback functions for the success and failure cases of the Promise. the promise object itself doesn't give you the resolved data directly, the interface of this object only provides the data via callbacks supplied. So, you have to do this like this:

getFeed().then(function(data) { vm.feed = data;});

The then() function returns the promise with a resolved value of the previous then() callback, allowing you the pass the value to subsequent callbacks:

promiseB = promiseA.then(function(result) {
  return result + 1;

// promiseB will be resolved immediately after promiseA is resolved
// and its value will be the result of promiseA incremented by 1

You could provide your function with the object and its attribute. Next, do what you need to do inside the function. Finally, assign the value returned in the promise to the right place in your object. Here's an example:

let myFunction = function (vm, feed) {
    getFeed().then( data => {
        vm[feed] = data

myFunction(vm, "feed")

You can also write a self-invoking function if you want.

This could be updated to ES6 with arrow functions and look like:

getFeed().then(data => vm.feed = data);

If you wish to use the async function, you could also do like that:

async function myFunction(){
    vm.feed = await getFeed();
    // do whatever you need with vm.feed below

This is one "trick" you can do since your out of an async function so can't use await keywork

Do what you want to do with vm.feed inside a setTimeout

vm.feed = getFeed().then(function(data) {return data;});

 setTimeout(() => {
    // do you stuf here
    // after the time you promise will be revolved or rejected
    // if you need some of the values in here immediately out of settimeout
    // might occur an error if promise wore not yet resolved or rejected
 }, 100);