[android] Install Android App Bundle on device

I built my project using the new Android App Bundle format. With APK files, I can download the APK to my device, open it, and immediately install the app. I downloaded my app as a bundle (.aab format) and my Nexus 5X running Android 8.1 can't open the file. Is there any way to install AABs on devices in the same convenient manner as APKs?

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The answer is

Installing the aab directly from the device, I couldn't find a way for that.

But there is a way to install it through your command line using the following documentation You can install apk to a device through BundleTool

According to "@Albert Vila Calvo" comment he noted that to install bundletools using HomeBrew use brew install bundletool

You can now install extract apks from aab file and install it to a device

Extracting apk files from through the next command

java -jar bundletool-all-0.3.3.jar build-apks --bundle=bundle.aab --output=app.apks --ks=my-release-key.keystore --ks-key-alias=alias --ks-pass=pass:password


  • --bundle -> Android Bundle .aab file
  • --output -> Destination and file name for the generated apk file
  • --ks -> Keystore file used to generate the Android Bundle
  • --ks-key-alias -> Alias for keystore file
  • --ks-pass -> Password for Alias file (Please note the 'pass' prefix before password value)

Then you will have a file with extension .apks So now you need to install it to a device

java -jar bundletool-all-0.6.0.jar install-apks --adb=/android-sdk/platform-tools/adb --apks=app.apks


  • --adb -> Path to adb file
  • --apks -> Apks file need to be installed

You cannot install app bundle [NAME].aab directly to android device because it is publishing format, but there is way to extract the required apk from bundle and install it to you device, the process is as follow

  1. Download bundletool from here
  2. run this in your terminal,
java -jar bundletool.jar build-apks --bundle=bundleapp.aab --output=out_bundle_archive_set.apks
  1. Last step will generate a file named as out_bundle_archive_set.apks, just rename it to out_bundle_archive_set.zip and extract the zip file, jump into the folder out_bundle_archive_set > standalones, where you will seee a list of all the apks

There goes the reference from android developers for bundle tools link

android developer reference

No, if you are debugging an app without other users use the Build > Build APK(s) menu in Android Studio or execute it in your device/emulator them the debug release apk will install automatically. If you are debugging an app with others use Build > Generate Signed APK... menu. If you want to publish the beta version use the Google Play Store. Your APK(s) will be in app\build\outputs\apk\debug and app\release folders.

Use (on Linux): cd android ./gradlew assemblyRelease|assemblyDebug

An unsigned APK is generated for each case (for debug or testing)

NOTE: On Windows, replace gradle executable for gradlew.bat

If you want to install apk from your aab to your device for testing purpose then you need to edit the configuration before running it on the connected device.

  1. Go to Edit Configurations
    enter image description here
  2. Select the Deploy dropdown and change it from "Default apk" to "APK from app bundle".enter image description here
  3. Apply the changes and then run it on the device connected. Build time will increase after making this change.

This will install an apk directly on the device connected from the aab.

For MAC:

brew install bundletool
bundletool build-apks --bundle=./app.aab --output=./app.apks
bundletool install-apks --apks=app.apks