[jquery] How to get Domain name from URL using jquery..?

I have domain name for eq.

1) http://www.abc.com/search 
2) http://go.abc.com/work

I get only domain name from the above URL

Output like

1) http://www.abc.com/
2) http://go.abc.com/

how can I do?

This question is related to jquery

The answer is

var hostname = window.location.origin

Will not work for IE. For IE support as well I would something like this:

var hostName = window.location.hostname;
var protocol = window.locatrion.protocol;
var finalUrl = protocol + '//' + hostname;

Try like this.

var hostname = window.location.origin

If the URL is "http://example.com/path" then you will get  "http://example.com" as the result.

This won't work for local domains

When you have URL like "https://localhost/MyProposal/MyDir/MyTestPage.aspx" 
and your virtual directory path is "https://localhost/MyProposal/" 
In such cases, you will get "https://localhost".

This worked for me.


$(location).attr('host');                        www.test.com:8082
$(location).attr('hostname');                    www.test.com
$(location).attr('port');                        8082
$(location).attr('protocol');                    http:
$(location).attr('pathname');                    index.php
$(location).attr('href');                        http://www.test.com:8082/index.php#tab2
$(location).attr('hash');                       #tab2
$(location).attr('search');                     ?foo=123

You can use a trick, by creating a <a>-element, then setting the string to the href of that <a>-element and then you have a Location object you can get the hostname from.

You could either add a method to the String prototype:

String.prototype.toLocation = function() {
    var a = document.createElement('a');
    a.href = this;
    return a;

and use it like this:

or make it a function:

function toLocation(url) {
    var a = document.createElement('a');
    a.href = url;
    return a;

and use it like this:

both of these will output: "www.abc.com"

If you also need the protocol, you can do something like this:

var url = "http://www.abc.com/search".toLocation();
url.protocol + "//" + url.hostname

which will output: "http://www.abc.com"

You can do this with plain js by using

  1. location.host , same as document.location.hostname
  2. document.domain Not recommended

try this code below it works fine with me.

example below is getting the host and redirecting to another page.

var host = $(location).attr('host');

While pure JavaScript is sufficient here, I still prefer the jQuery approach. After all, the ask was to get the hostname using jQuery.

var hostName = $(location).attr('hostname');      // www.example.com

To get the url as well as the protocol used we can try the code below.

For example to get the domain as well as the protocol used (http/https).


You can use -

host = window.location.protocol+'//'+window.location.hostname+'/';

It'll return you the protocol as well as domain name. https://google.com/

You don't need jQuery for this, as simple javascript will suffice:


See it in action:


console.log("document.URL : "+document.URL);
console.log("document.location.href : "+document.location.href);
console.log("document.location.origin : "+document.location.origin);
console.log("document.location.hostname : "+document.location.hostname);
console.log("document.location.host : "+document.location.host);
console.log("document.location.pathname : "+document.location.pathname);

for more details click here window.location

just append "http://" before domain name to get appropriate result.