[jquery] How to get Domain name from URL using jquery..?

I have domain name for eq.

1) http://www.abc.com/search 
2) http://go.abc.com/work

I get only domain name from the above URL

Output like

1) http://www.abc.com/
2) http://go.abc.com/

how can I do?

This question is related to jquery

The answer is

In a browser

You can leverage the browser's URL parser using an <a> element:

var hostname = $('<a>').prop('href', url).prop('hostname');

or without jQuery:

var a = document.createElement('a');
a.href = url;
var hostname = a.hostname;

(This trick is particularly useful for resolving paths relative to the current page.)

Outside of a browser (and probably more efficiently):

Use the following function:

function get_hostname(url) {
    var m = url.match(/^http:\/\/[^/]+/);
    return m ? m[0] : null;

Use it like this:


This will return http://example.com/ as in your example output.

Hostname of the current page

If you are only trying the get the hostname of the current page, use document.location.hostname.

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