[vb.net] VB.NET - Remove a characters from a String

I have this string:

Dim stringToCleanUp As String = "bon;jour"
Dim characterToRemove As String = ";"

I want a function who removes the ';' character like this:

Function RemoveCharacter(ByVal stringToCleanUp, ByVal characterToRemove)
End Function

What would be the function ?


Dim cleanString As String = Replace(stringToCleanUp, characterToRemove, "")

Great, Thanks!

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The answer is

Function RemoveCharacter(ByVal stringToCleanUp, ByVal characterToRemove)
  ' replace the target with nothing
  ' Replace() returns a new String and does not modify the current one
  Return stringToCleanUp.Replace(characterToRemove, "")
End Function

Here's more information about VB's Replace function

The String class has a Replace method that will do that.

Dim clean as String
clean = myString.Replace(",", "")

You can use the string.replace method

string.replace("character to be removed", "character to be replaced with")

Dim strName As String
strName.Replace("[", "")

The string class's Replace method can also be used to remove multiple characters from a string:

Dim newstring As String
newstring = oldstring.Replace(",", "").Replace(";", "")

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