[javascript] Backbone.js fetch with parameters

Following the documentation, I did:

var collection = new Backbone.Collection.extend({
        model: ItemModel,
        url: '/Items'

collection.fetch({ data: { page: 1} });

the url turned out to be: http://localhost:1273/Items?[object%20Object]

I was expecting something like http://localhost:1273/Items?page=1

So how do I pass params in the fetch method?

This question is related to javascript backbone.js

The answer is

Another example if you are using Titanium Alloy:

     data: {
             where : JSON.stringify({
                page: 1

try {
    // THIS for POST+JSON
    options.contentType = 'application/json';
    options.type = 'POST';
    options.data = JSON.stringify(options.data);

    // OR THIS for GET+URL-encoded
    //options.data = $.param(_.clone(options.data));

    console.log('.fetch options = ', options);
} catch (excp) {

You can also set processData to true:

    data: { page: 1 },
    processData: true

Jquery will auto process data object into param string,

but in Backbone.sync function, Backbone turn the processData off because Backbone will use other method to process data in POST,UPDATE...

in Backbone source:

if (params.type !== 'GET' && !Backbone.emulateJSON) {
    params.processData = false;