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Is there a way to view the real-time console log to view NSLog and other debug messages in a real-time manner, such as adb logcat?

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The solution documented by Apple in Technical Q&A QA1747 Debugging Deployed iOS Apps for Xcode 6 is:

  1. Choose Window -> Devices from the Xcode menu.
  2. Choose the device in the left column.
  3. Click the up-triangle at the bottom left of the right hand panel to show the device console.

Screenshot with up-triangle

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EDIT: Please use @cbowns solution - deviceconsole is compatible with iOS9 and much easier to use.

This is a open-source program that displays the iDevice's system log in Terminal (in a manner similar to tail -F). No jailbreak is required, and the output is fully grep'able so you can filter to see output from your program only. What's particularly good about this solution is you can view the log whether or not the app was launched in debug mode from XCode.

Here's how:

Grab the libimobiledevice binary for Mac OS X from my github account at

Follow the install instructions here:

Connect your device, open up and type:


Up pops a real-time display of the device's system log.

With it being a console app, you can filter the log using unix commands, such as grep

For instance, see all log messages from a particular app:

idevicesyslog | grep myappname

Taken from my blog at

~ Answered on 2012-08-08 10:37:41

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