[javascript] Convert NaN to 0 in javascript

Is there a way to convert NaN values to 0 without an if statement:

if (isNaN(a)) a = 0;

It is very annoying to check my variables every time.

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The answer is

You can do this:

a = a || 0

...which will convert a from any "falsey" value to 0.

The "falsey" values are:

  • false
  • null
  • undefined
  • 0
  • "" ( empty string )
  • NaN ( Not a Number )

Or this if you prefer:

a = a ? a : 0;

...which will have the same effect as above.

If the intent was to test for more than just NaN, then you can do the same, but do a toNumber conversion first.

a = +a || 0

This uses the unary + operator to try to convert a to a number. This has the added benefit of converting things like numeric strings '123' to a number.

The only unexpected thing may be if someone passes an Array that can successfully be converted to a number:

+['123']  // 123

Here we have an Array that has a single member that is a numeric string. It will be successfully converted to a number.

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