[selenium] Can Selenium interact with an existing browser session?

Does anybody know if Selenium (WebDriver preferably) is able to communicate with and act through a browser that is already running before launching a Selenium Client?

I mean if Selenium is able to comunicate with a browser without using the Selenium Server (with could be an Internet Explorer launched manually for example).

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The answer is

This is a duplicate answer **Reconnect to a driver in python selenium ** This is applicable on all drivers and for java api.

  1. open a driver
driver = webdriver.Firefox()  #python
  1. extract to session_id and _url from driver object.
url = driver.command_executor._url       #""
session_id = driver.session_id            #'4e167f26-dc1d-4f51-a207-f761eaf73c31'
  1. Use these two parameter to connect to your driver.
driver = webdriver.Remote(command_executor=url,desired_capabilities={})
driver.close()   # this prevents the dummy browser
driver.session_id = session_id

And you are connected to your driver again.


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