[wordpress] Wordpress - Images not showing up in the Media Library

I have a huge problem with my Wordpress. My uploaded images don't list in the Media Library.

It is weird tho, it says I have 75 images, but display none. Take a look yourself.

75 images, none list

Even weirder, if I go into gallery (the images you uploaded in the page itself), the images list just fine.

I already tried deactivating all my plugins, didn't work. Cache can be easily put out of the question, because it happened on at least 4 different computers, with Macs, PCs, and navigating with Safari, Firefox and Chrome.

Another interesting fact is that if I upload the image directly trough the computer (with the "From Computer" tab), everything goes fine. Another website on the same server works just fine too. And just to add to the complexity, when I go to the media page in the Wordpress Admin, all images show up just fine.

Oh, and before I forget... applying any filters, or doing a research in the media will always come up with the same problem.

So there... that's where I'm at.

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The answer is

I had a same problem just now, with missing media library images for my blog. The images appeared to be right there in the media library and were definitely on the actual web server (checked via FTP).

As Allen Z advised I did "check Settings ? Media and make sure that Uploading Files folder is set to wp-content/uploads"

Mine were set to the default blank. I altered this to an absolute path http://www.example.com/wp-content/uploads

THIS DIDNT SOLVE THE PROBLEM when I refreshed the site in browser. However, I immediately changed the path back to blank (the default setting again) and everything came back! Woop

Everyone having this problem might want to try this before getting into the more technical fixes!

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