[dart] How can I add shadow to the widget in flutter?

How can I add shadow to the widget like in the picture below?

This is my current widget code.

Image with shadow

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The answer is

Check out BoxShadow and BoxDecoration

A Container can take a BoxDecoration (going off of the code you had originally posted) which takes a boxShadow

return Container(
  margin: EdgeInsets.only(left: 30, top: 100, right: 30, bottom: 50),
  height: double.infinity,
  width: double.infinity,
  decoration: BoxDecoration(
    color: Colors.white,
    borderRadius: BorderRadius.only(
      topLeft: Radius.circular(10),
        topRight: Radius.circular(10),
        bottomLeft: Radius.circular(10),
        bottomRight: Radius.circular(10)
    boxShadow: [
        color: Colors.grey.withOpacity(0.5),
        spreadRadius: 5,
        blurRadius: 7,
        offset: Offset(0, 3), // changes position of shadow


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