[jenkins] Jenkins - Configure Jenkins to poll changes in SCM

I am working with jenkins and I would like to run the maven goals when there is a change in the svn repository. I've attached a picture with my current configuration.

I know that checking the repository every 5 min is crazy. I would like to run it only when there is a new change, but I could not find the way. Anyway, it is not checking the repository. What am I doing wrong??

Thanks in advanceenter image description here

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The answer is

I believe best practice these days is H/5 * * * *, which means every 5 minutes with a hashing factor to avoid all jobs starting at EXACTLY the same time.

That's an old question, I know. But, according to me, it is missing proper answer.

The actual / optimal workflow here would be to incorporate SVN's post-commit hook so it triggers Jenkins job after the actual commit is issued only, not in any other case. This way you avoid unneeded polls on your SCM system.

You may find the following links interesting:

In case of my setup in the corp's SVN server, I utilize the following (censored) script as a post-commit hook on the subversion server side:




MSG=$(svnlook pg --revprop $REPOS svn:log -r$REV)

echo post-commit $* >> $LOGFILE 2>&1

# trigger Jenkins job - xxx
svnlook changed $REPOS -r $REV | cut -d' ' -f4 | grep -qP "branches/xxx/xxx/Source"
if test 0 -eq $? ; then
        echo $(date) - $REPOS - $REV: >> $LOGFILE
        svnlook changed $REPOS -r $REV | cut -d' ' -f4 | grep -P "branches/xxx/xxx/Source" >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        echo logmsg: $MSG >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        echo curl -qs $JENK >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        curl -qs $JENK >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        echo -------- >> $LOGFILE

# trigger Jenkins job - xxxx
svnlook changed $REPOS -r $REV | cut -d' ' -f4 | grep -qP "branches/xxx_TEST"
if test 0 -eq $? ; then
        echo $(date) - $REPOS - $REV: >> $LOGFILE
        svnlook changed $REPOS -r $REV | cut -d' ' -f4 | grep -P "branches/xxx_TEST" >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        echo logmsg: $MSG >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        echo curl -qs $JENKtest >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        curl -qs $JENKtest >> $LOGFILE 2>&1
        echo -------- >> $LOGFILE

exit 0

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