Exclude Blank and NA in R

The Solution to Exclude Blank and NA in R is

A good idea is to set all of the "" (blank cells) to NA before any further analysis.

If you are reading your input from a file, it is a good choice to cast all "" to NAs:

foo <- read.table(file="Your_file.txt", na.strings=c("", "NA"), sep="\t") # if your file is tab delimited

If you have already your table loaded, you can act as follows:

foo[foo==""] <- NA

Then to keep only rows with no NA you may just use na.omit():

foo <- na.omit(foo)

Or to keep columns with no NA:

foo <- foo[, colSums(is.na(foo)) == 0] 

~ Answered on 2012-10-06 21:29:36

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