[typescript] How do I import other TypeScript files?

When using the TypeScript plugin for vs.net, how do I make one TypeScript file import modules declared in other TypeScript files?

file 1:

module moo
    export class foo .....

file 2:

//what goes here?

class bar extends moo.foo

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The answer is

From TypeScript version 1.8 you can use simple import statements just like in ES6:

import { ZipCodeValidator } from "./ZipCodeValidator";

let myValidator = new ZipCodeValidator();


Old answer: From TypeScript version 1.5 you can use tsconfig.json: http://www.typescriptlang.org/docs/handbook/tsconfig-json.html

It completely eliminates the need of the comment style referencing.

Older answer:

You need to reference the file on the top of the current file.

You can do this like this:

/// <reference path="../typings/jquery.d.ts"/>
/// <reference path="components/someclass.ts"/>

class Foo { }


These paths are relative to the current file.

Your example:

/// <reference path="moo.ts"/>

class bar extends moo.foo

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