Do we have router.reload in vue-router?

The Solution to Do we have router.reload in vue-router? is

this.$router.go() does exactly this; if no arguments are specified, the router navigates to current location, refreshing the page.

note: current implementation of router and its history components don't mark the param as optional, but IMVHO it's either a bug or an omission on Evan You's part, since the spec explicitly allows it. I've filed an issue report about it. If you're really concerned with current TS annotations, just use the equivalent this.$router.go(0)

As to 'why is it so': go internally passes its arguments to window.history.go, so its equal to windows.history.go() - which, in turn, reloads the page, as per MDN doc.

note: since this executes a "soft" reload on regular desktop (non-portable) Firefox, a bunch of strange quirks may appear if you use it but in fact you require a true reload; using the window.location.reload(true); ( mentioned by OP instead may help - it certainly did solve my problems on FF.

~ Answered on 2017-10-29 22:26:24

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