[javascript] What does 'x packages are looking for funding' mean when running `npm install`?

I usually get "x packages are looking for funding." when running npm install on a react project. Any idea what that means?

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The answer is

npm decided to add a new command: npm fund that will provide more visibility to npm users on what dependencies are actively looking for ways to fund their work.

npm install will also show a single message at the end in order to let user aware that dependencies are looking for funding, it looks like this:

$ npm install
packages are looking for funding.
run `npm fund` for details.

Running npm fund <package> will open the url listed for that given package right in your browser.

For more details look here

These are Open Source projects (or developers) which can use donations to fund to help support their business.

In npm the command npm fund will list the urls where you can fund

In composer the command composer fund will do the same.

While there are options mentioned above using which one can use to get rid of the funding message, but try to support the cause if you can.

npm install --silent

Seems to suppress the funding issue.

npm fund [<pkg>]

This command retrieves information on how to fund the dependencies of a given project. If no package name is provided, it will list all dependencies that are looking for funding in a tree-structure in which are listed the type of funding and the url to visit.
The message can be disabled using: npm install --no-fund

First of all, try to support open source developers when you can, they invest quite a lot of their (free) time into these packages. But if you want to get rid of funding messages, you can configure NPM to turn these off. The command to do this is:

npm config set fund false --global

... or if you just want to turn it off for a particular project, run this in the project directory:

npm config set fund false 

For details why this was implemented, see @Stokely's and @ArunPratap's answers.

You can skip fund using:

npm install --no-fund YOUR PACKAGE NAME

For example :

npm install --no-fund core-js