[powershell] Write output to a text file in PowerShell

I've compared two files using the following code:

Compare-Object $(Get-Content c:\user\documents\List1.txt) $(Get-Content c:\user\documents\List2.txt) 

How can I write the output of this to a new text file? I've tried using an echo command, but I don't really understand the syntax.

This question is related to powershell file-io

The answer is

Use the Out-File cmdlet

 Compare-Object ... | Out-File C:\filename.txt

Optionally, add -Encoding utf8 to Out-File as the default encoding is not really ideal for many uses.

Another way this could be accomplished is by using the Start-Transcript and Stop-Transcript commands, respectively before and after command execution. This would capture the entire session including commands.



For this particular case Out-File is probably your best bet though.

The simplest way is to just redirect the output, like so:

Compare-Object $(Get-Content c:\user\documents\List1.txt) $(Get-Content c:\user\documents\List2.txt) > c:\user\documents\diff_output.txt

> will cause the output file to be overwritten if it already exists.
>> will append new text to the end of the output file if it already exists.