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I'm migrating from Eclipse to Intellij Idea. One thing I couldn't figure out yet is autocompletion of the @author JavaDoc tag. When typing @a in Eclipse, there are two proposals:

@author - author name

How do I achieve the first proposal in Intellij (is it even possible?)? And if it's possible, how do I change the template of what is inserted for the author name placeholder?

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~ Asked on 2013-09-11 09:08:07

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You can work around that via a Live Template. Go to Settings -> Live Template, click the "Add"-Button (green plus on the right).

In the "Abbreviation" field, enter the string that should activate the template (e.g. @a), and in the "Template Text" area enter the string to complete (e.g. @author - My Name). Set the "Applicable context" to Java (Comments only maybe) and set a key to complete (on the right).

I tested it and it works fine, however IntelliJ seems to prefer the inbuild templates, so "@a + Tab" only completes "author". Setting the completion key to Space worked however.

To change the user name that is automatically inserted via the File Templates (when creating a class for example), can be changed by adding name

to the idea.exe.vmoptions or idea64.exe.vmoptions (depending on your version) in the IntelliJ/bin directory.

enter image description here

Restart IntelliJ

~ Answered on 2013-09-11 10:13:41


One more option, not exactly what you asked, but can be useful:

Go to Settings -> Editor -> File and code templates -> Includes tab (on the right). There is a template header for the new files, you can use the username here:

 * @author myname

For system username use:

 * @author ${USER}

Screen shot from Intellij 2016.02

~ Answered on 2013-09-23 13:51:43

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