[git] Creating folders inside a GitHub repository without using Git

I want to add a new folder to my newly created GitHub repository without installing the Git setup for (Mac, Linux, and Windows). Is it possible to do so?

I can't have Git all the time with me when I work on different systems/machines. I know how to add files directly in a repository on github.com/[USER]/[REPO]. Can we create a folder as well?

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The answer is

After searching a lot I find out that it is possible to create a new folder from the web interface, but it would require you to have at least one file within the folder when creating it.

When using the normal way of creating new files through the web interface, you can type in the folder into the file name to create the file within that new directory.

For example, if I would like to create the file filename.md in a series of sub-folders, I can do this (taken from the GitHub blog):

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