How to upgrade Angular CLI to the latest version


Using ng --version I got:

@angular/cli: 1.0.0

which is not the latest release available.

Since I have Angular CLI globally installed on my system, in order to upgrade it I tried:

npm update angular-cli -g

But it does not work, because it stays to 1.0.0 version.

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After reading some issues reported on the GitHub repository, I found the solution.

In order to update the angular-cli package installed globally in your system, you need to run:

npm uninstall -g @angular-cli
npm install -g @angular/[email protected]

Depending on your system, you may need to prefix the above commands with sudo.

Also, most likely you want to also update your local project version, because inside your project directory it will be selected with higher priority than the global one:

rm -rf node_modules
npm uninstall --save-dev @angular-cli
npm install --save-dev @angular/[email protected]
npm install

thanks grizzm0 for pointing this out on GitHub.

After updating your CLI, you probably want to update your Angular version too.

Note: if you are updating to Angular CLI 6+ from an older version, you might need to read this.

Edit: In addition, if you were still on a 1.x version of the cli, you need to convert your angular-cli.json to angular.json, which you can do with the following command:

ng update @angular/cli --from=1.7.4 --migrate-only

(check this for more details).

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ng6+ -> 7.0

Update RxJS (depends on RxJS 6.3)

npm install -g rxjs-tslint
rxjs-5-to-6-migrate -p src/

Remove rxjs-compat

Then update the core packages and Cli:

ng update @angular/cli @angular/core

(Optional: update Node.js to version 10 which is supported in NG7)

ng6+ (Cli 6.0+): features simplified commands

First, update your Cli

npm install -g @angular/cli
npm install @angular/cli
ng update @angular/cli

Then, update your core packages

ng update @angular/core

If you use RxJS, run

ng update rxjs

It will update RxJS to version 6 and install the rxjs-compat package under the hood.

If you run into build errors, try a manual install of:

npm i rxjs-compat
npm i @angular-devkit/build-angular

Lastly, check your version

ng v

Note on production build:

ng6 no longer uses intl in polyfills.ts

//remove them to avoid errors
import 'intl';
import 'intl/locale-data/jsonp/en';

ng5+ (Cli 1.5+)

npm install @angular/{animations,common,compiler,compiler-cli,core,forms,http,platform-browser,platform-browser-dynamic,platform-server,router}@next [email protected] [email protected]'^5.5.2'
npm install [email protected] --save-exact


  1. The supported Typescript version for Cli 1.6 as of writing is up to 2.5.3.
  2. Using @next updates the package to beta, if available. Use @latest to get the latest non-beta version.

After updating both the global and local package, clear the cache to avoid errors:

npm cache verify (recommended)
npm cache clean (for older npm versions)

Here are the official references:

  1. Updating the Cli
  2. Updating the core packages core package.

~ Answered on 2017-06-27 12:28:35

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