[html] display: flex not working on Internet Explorer

My flex container:

.back_pattern {
    display: flex;
    display: -ms-flexbox;
    -ms-flex-pack: center;
    flex-direction: column;
    align-content: center;
    justify-content: center;
    min-height: 100vh;
    width: 100%;

On other browsers everything works.
ie11 : http://take.ms/68dHo ;
chrome : http://take.ms/JhcEH
What's problem?

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The answer is

Internet Explorer doesn't fully support Flexbox due to:

Partial support is due to large amount of bugs present (see known issues).

enter image description here Screenshot and infos taken from caniuse.com


Internet Explorer before 10 doesn't support Flexbox, while IE 11 only supports the 2012 syntax.

Known issues

  • IE 11 requires a unit to be added to the third argument, the flex-basis property see MSFT documentation.
  • In IE10 and IE11, containers with display: flex and flex-direction: column will not properly calculate their flexed childrens' sizes if the container has min-height but no explicit height property. See bug.
  • In IE10 the default value for flex is 0 0 auto rather than 0 1 auto as defined in the latest spec.
  • IE 11 does not vertically align items correctly when min-height is used. See bug.


Flexbugs is a community-curated list of Flexbox issues and cross-browser workarounds for them. Here's a list of all the bugs with a workaround available and the browsers that affect.

  1. Minimum content sizing of flex items not honored
  2. Column flex items set to align-items: center overflow their container
  3. min-height on a flex container won't apply to its flex items
  4. flex shorthand declarations with unitless flex-basis values are ignored
  5. Column flex items don't always preserve intrinsic aspect ratios
  6. The default flex value has changed
  7. flex-basis doesn't account for box-sizing: border-box
  8. flex-basis doesn't support calc()
  9. Some HTML elements can't be flex containers
  10. align-items: baseline doesn't work with nested flex containers
  11. Min and max size declarations are ignored when wrapping flex items
  12. Inline elements are not treated as flex-items
  13. Importance is ignored on flex-basis when using flex shorthand
  14. Shrink-to-fit containers with flex-flow: column wrap do not contain their items
  15. Column flex items ignore margin: auto on the cross axis
  16. flex-basis cannot be animated
  17. Flex items are not correctly justified when max-width is used

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