[java] [Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to

I want to get value from the database, in my case I use List to get the value from the database but I got this error

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.ClassCastException: [Ljava.lang.Object; cannot be cast to id.co.bni.switcherservice.model.SwitcherServiceSource
at id.co.bni.switcherservice.controller.SwitcherServiceController.LoadData(SwitcherServiceController.java:48)
at id.co.bni.switcherservice.controller.SwitcherServiceController.main(SwitcherServiceController.java:62)

this is my code

    Query LoadSource = session_source.createQuery("select CLIENT,SERVICE,SERVICE_TYPE,PROVIDER_CODE,COUNT(*) FROM SwitcherServiceSource" +
            " where TIMESTAMP between :awal and :akhir" +
    LoadSource.setParameter("awal", fromDate);
    LoadSource.setParameter("akhir", toDate);

    List<SwitcherServiceSource> result_source = (List<SwitcherServiceSource>) LoadSource.list();
    for(SwitcherServiceSource tes : result_source){

any help will be pleasure :)

@raffian, did you mean like this??

List<Switcher> result = (List<Switcher>) LoadSource.list();
for(Switcher tes : result){

This question is related to java hibernate hql

The answer is

I've faced such an issue and dig tones of material. So, to avoid ugly iteration you can simply tune your hql:

You need to frame your query like this

select entity from Entity as entity where ...

Also check such case, it perfectly works for me:

public List<User> findByRole(String role) {

    Query query = sessionFactory.getCurrentSession().createQuery("select user from User user join user.userRoles where role_name=:role_name");
    query.setString("role_name", role);
    List<User> users = (List<User>) query.list();
    return users;

So here we are extracting object from query, not a bunch of fields. Also it's looks much more pretty.

In case entire entity is being return, better solution in spring JPA is use @Query(value = "from entity where Id in :ids")

This return entity type rather than object type

You need to add query.addEntity(SwitcherServiceSource.class) before calling the .list() on query.

Your query execution will return list of Object[].

List result_source = LoadSource.list();
for(Object[] objA : result_source) {
    // read it all

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