Docker: "no matching manifest for windows/amd64 in the manifest list entries"


I use Docker on Windows, and when I tried to pull a PHP image with this command

$ docker pull php

I got this message:

Using default tag: latest
latest: Pulling from library/php no matching manifest for windows/amd64 
        in the manifest list entries

How can I fix this problem?

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~ Asked on 2018-01-02 19:52:15

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I had this same issue on Windows 10. I bypassed it by running the Docker daemon in experimental mode:

  1. Right click Docker icon in the Windows System Tray
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Daemon
  4. Advanced
  5. Set the "experimental": true
  6. Restart Docker

~ Answered on 2018-06-27 20:39:08


There could be many reasons for this error. But most obvious reason for this error is using Windows Container in Linux Container Mode or vise versa.

  1. Click Docker Icon in System Tray In Context Menu
  2. Click "Switch to Window/Linux Container"
  3. Option Click Switch Button in Switch Dialog
  4. It may take little time
  5. Make Sure Docker is Running State Now

Switch Container Mode Dialog

~ Answered on 2019-08-18 22:59:32

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