[java] How do I instantiate a JAXBElement<String> object?

I need to create one of these as the interface requires it. Can someone please let me know how to create one, as there doesn't seem to be a c'tor defined?

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The answer is

I don't know why you think there's no constructor. See the API.

ObjectFactory fact = new ObjectFactory();   
JAXBElement<String> str = fact.createCompositeTypeStringValue("vik");    
CompositeType retcomp = service.getDataUsingDataContract(comp);

Other alternative:

JAXBElement<String> element = new JAXBElement<>(new QName("Your localPart"),
                                                String.class, "Your message");


System.out.println(element.getValue()); // Result: Your message

Here is how I do it. You will need to get the namespace URL and the element name from your generated code.

new JAXBElement(new QName("http://www.novell.com/role/service","userDN"),
                new String("").getClass(),testDN);