[java] Unable to use Intellij with a generated sources folder

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I have a custom plugin that generates sources under target/generated-sources (Note no toolname here). So I get sources like target/generated-sources/com/mycompany...etc.

This format cannot be changed at all, so will I be able to configure Intellij into adding it as a source folder. As of now, I can see that Intellij has added target/generated-sources/com as the source folder.

Please note that I do not have the option of configuring the plugin !

UPDATE 1: I do not agree with the fact that I MUST put my generated sources under a tool name folder. It may be a good convention, but if I have only one generator there is no need for me to put it there? Again, in my pom.xml I have a resources section which clearly indicates that target/generated-sources should be treated as a source folder. This works perfectly fine in Eclipse so I have no idea why Intellij would not respect my settings.

TL;DR -> When I put target/generated-sources in the resource section of pom.xml why is Intellij overzealous to add target/generated-sources/com to the classpath?

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The answer is

You can just change the project structure to add that folder as a "source" directory.

Project Structure ? Modules ? Click the generated-sources folder and make it a sources folder.



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