[css] Clip/Crop background-image with CSS

I have this HTML:

<div id="graphic">lorem ipsum</div>

with this CSS:

#graphic { background-image: url(image.jpg); width: 200px; height: 100px;}

The background image I'm applying is 200x100 px, but I only want to display a cropped portion of the background image of 200x50 px.

background-clip does not appear to be the right CSS property for this. What can I use instead?

background-position should not be used, because I'm using the above CSS in a sprite context where the image part I want to show is smaller than the element on which the CSS is defined.

This question is related to css css-sprites

The answer is

may be you can write like this:

#graphic { 
 background-image: url(image.jpg); 
 background-position: 0 -50px; 
 width: 200px; 
 height: 100px;

Another option is to use linear-gradient() to cover up the edges of your image. Note that this is a stupid solution, so I'm not going to put much effort into explaining it...

.flair {_x000D_
  min-width: 50px; /* width larger than sprite */_x000D_
  text-indent: 60px;_x000D_
  height: 25px;_x000D_
  display: inline-block;_x000D_
    linear-gradient(#F00, #F00) 50px 0/999px 1px repeat-y,_x000D_
    url('https://championmains.github.io/dynamicflairs/riven/spritesheet.png') #F00;_x000D_
.flair-classic {_x000D_
  background-position: 50px 0, 0 -25px;_x000D_
.flair-r2 {_x000D_
  background-position: 50px 0, -50px -175px;_x000D_
.flair-smite {_x000D_
  text-indent: 35px;_x000D_
  background-position: 25px 0, -50px -25px;_x000D_
<img src="https://championmains.github.io/dynamicflairs/riven/spritesheet.png" alt="spritesheet" /><br />_x000D_
<br />_x000D_
<span class="flair flair-classic">classic sprite</span><br /><br />_x000D_
<span class="flair flair-r2">r2 sprite</span><br /><br />_x000D_
<span class="flair flair-smite">smite sprite</span><br /><br />

I'm using this method on this page: https://championmains.github.io/dynamicflairs/riven/ and can't use ::before or ::after elements because I'm already using them for another hack.