[css] How to make multiple divs display in one line but still retain width?

Normally, you set elements to display: inline if you want them to display in the same line. However setting an element to inline means that the width attribute would be meaningless.

How do you make divs to be in the same line without making them inline?

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The answer is

You can float your column divs using float: left; and give them widths.

And to make sure none of your other content gets messed up, you can wrap the floated divs within a parent div and give it some clear float styling.

Hope this helps.

I used the property

display: table;


display: table-cell;

to achieve the same.Link to fiddle below shows 3 tables wrapped in divs and these divs are further wrapped in a parent div

<div id='content'>
   <div id='div-1'><!-- COntains table --></div>
   <div id='div-2'><!-- contains two more divs that require to be arranged one below other --></div>

Here is the jsfiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/vikikamath/QU6WP/1/ I thought this might be helpful to someone looking to set divs in same line without using display-inline

Flex is the better way. Just try..

display: flex;

You can use float:left in DIV or use SPAN tag, like

<div style="width:100px;float:left"> First </div> 
<div> Second </div> 


<span style="width:100px;"> First </span> 
<span> Second </span>