[go] Cross compile Go on OSX?

I am trying to cross-compile a go app on OSX to build binaries for windows and linux. I have read everything what I could find on the net. Closest example that I have found has been published on (apart from many unfinished discussions on go-nuts mailing list):


yet it does not work on my installation. I have go 1.0.2. As 1.0.2 is quite recent it looks to me that all above examples do not apply to this version.

Tried to do ./make.bash --no-clean with ENV vars set to 386/windows, it does build go, however it builds go for my installation which is darwin/amd64 and completely ignores what is set in ENV that suppose to build different compiler.

Any advises how it can be done (if it can be done at all)?

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The answer is

With Go 1.5 they seem to have improved the cross compilation process, meaning it is built in now. No ./make.bash-ing or brew-ing required. The process is described here but for the TLDR-ers (like me) out there: you just set the GOOS and the GOARCH environment variables and run the go build.

For the even lazier copy-pasters (like me) out there, do something like this if you're on a *nix system:

env GOOS=linux GOARCH=arm go build -v github.com/path/to/your/app

You even learned the env trick, which let you set environment variables for that command only, completely free of charge.

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