[java] How to create a popup windows in javafx

I want to create a popup windows in javafx application.give me some idea.
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when i click on check button open popup windows. how to do?

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The answer is

The Popup class might be better than the Stage class, depending on what you want. Stage is either modal (you can't click on anything else in your app) or it vanishes if you click elsewhere in your app (because it's a separate window). Popup stays on top but is not modal.

See this Popup Window example.

Take a look at jfxmessagebox (http://en.sourceforge.jp/projects/jfxmessagebox/) if you are looking for very simple dialog popups.

Have you looked into ControlsFx Popover control.

import org.controlsfx.control.PopOver;
import org.controlsfx.control.PopOver.ArrowLocation;

private PopOver item;

final Scene scene = addItemButton.getScene();

final Point2D windowCoord = new Point2D(scene.getWindow()
        .getX(), scene.getWindow().getY());

final Point2D sceneCoord = new Point2D(scene.getX(), scene.

final Point2D nodeCoord = addItemButton.localToScene(0.0,
final double clickX = Math.round(windowCoord.getX()
    + sceneCoord.getY() + nodeCoord.getX());

final double clickY = Math.round(windowCoord.getY()
        + sceneCoord.getY() + nodeCoord.getY());
item.setDetachedTitle("Add New Item");
item.show(addItemButton.getParent(), clickX, clickY);

This is only an example but a PopOver sounds like it could accomplish what you want. Check out the documentation for more info.

Important note: ControlsFX will only work on JavaFX 8.0 b118 or later.

You can either create a new Stage, add your controls into it or if you require the POPUP as Dialog box, then you may consider using DialogsFX or ControlsFX(Requires JavaFX8)

For creating a new Stage, you can use the following snippet

public void start(final Stage primaryStage) {
    Button btn = new Button();
    btn.setText("Open Dialog");
        new EventHandler<ActionEvent>() {
            public void handle(ActionEvent event) {
                final Stage dialog = new Stage();
                VBox dialogVbox = new VBox(20);
                dialogVbox.getChildren().add(new Text("This is a Dialog"));
                Scene dialogScene = new Scene(dialogVbox, 300, 200);

If you don't want it to be modal (block other windows), use:


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