Programs & Examples On #Mondrian

Mondrian is an open source OLAP (online analytical processing) server, written in Java. It supports the MDX (multidimensional expressions) query language and the XML for Analysis and olap4j interface specifications. It reads from SQL and other data sources and aggregates data in a memory cache. It is owned and maintained by Pentaho

Excel tab sheet names vs. Visual Basic sheet names

Perhaps I am wrong, but you can open a workbook, and select a worksheet and change its property (Name) to whatever you need it to be. This overrides the "Sheetx" naming convention. These names are also displayed in the VBA Editor.

How to do this manually: 1. Select the sheet in a workbook (I tend to create templates). 2. Set its tab name to whatever you like ("foo"). 3. Click on the Developer menu (which you previously enabled, right?). 4. Locate "Properties" and click on it, bringing up that worksheet's properties window. 5. The very first item in the Alphabetic listing is (Name) and at the right of (Name) is "Sheetx".
6. Click on that field and change it (how about we use "MyFav"). 7. Close the properties window. 8. Go to the Visual Basic editor. 9. Review the sheets in the workbook you just modified. 10. Observe that the MicroSoft Excel Objects shows the name you just changed "MyFav", and to the right of that, in parenthesis, the worksheet tab name ("foo").

You can change the .CodeName programmatically if you would rather. I use non-Sheet names to facilitate my template manipulation. You are not forced to use the generic default of "Sheetx".

How to create a fix size list in python?

Note also that when you used arrays in C++ you might have had somewhat different needs, which are solved in different ways in Python:

  1. You might have needed just a collection of items; Python lists deal with this usecase just perfectly.
  2. You might have needed a proper array of homogenous items. Python lists are not a good way to store arrays.

Python solves the need in arrays by NumPy, which, among other neat things, has a way to create an array of known size:

from numpy import *

l = zeros(10)

Classes residing in App_Code is not accessible

In my case, I couldn't get a project to build with classes defined in the App_Code folder.

Can't replicate the scenario precisely to comment, but had to close and re-open visual studio for intellisense to co-operate agree...

I noticed that when a class in the App_Code folder is set to 'Compile' instead of 'Content' (right-click it) that the errors were coming from a second version of the class... Look to the left-most of the 3 of the 3 fields between the code pane and the tab. The 'other' one was called something along the lines of 10_App_Code or similar.

To rectify the issue, I renamed the folder from App_Code to Code, explicitly set namespaces on the classes and set all of the classes to 'Compile'

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable. App pool stops on accessing website

I was facing the same problem, and debugged it using the event logs. First it said that : "The description for Event ID 5059 from source Microsoft-Windows-WAS cannot be found".

I then turned on WAS using turn windows features on/off. Then i saw this in eventvwr "Microsoft-Windows-DistributedCOM cannot be found".

Finally I gave up and deleted the App Pool (that used to stop on accessing the website) and created it again, as it is. This resolved the problem.

How to serialize object to CSV file?

I wrote a simple class that uses OpenCSV and has two static public methods.

static public File toCSVFile(Object object, String path, String name) {
    File pathFile = new File(path);
    File returnFile = new File(path + name);
    try {

        CSVWriter writer = new CSVWriter(new FileWriter(returnFile));
        writer.writeNext(new String[]{"Member Name in Code", "Stored Value", "Type of Value"});
        for (Field field : object.getClass().getDeclaredFields()) {
            writer.writeNext(new String[]{field.getName(), field.get(object).toString(), field.getType().getName()});
        return returnFile;
    } catch (IOException e) {
        Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage toCSVFile failed.", e);
        return null;
    } catch (IllegalAccessException e) {
        Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage toCSVFile failed.", e);
        return null;

static public void fromCSVFile(Object object, File file) {
    try {
        CSVReader reader = new CSVReader(new FileReader(file));
        String[] nextLine = reader.readNext(); // Ignore the first line.
        while ((nextLine = reader.readNext()) != null) {
            if (nextLine.length >= 2) {
                try {
                    Field field = object.getClass().getDeclaredField(nextLine[0]);
                    Class<?> rClass = field.getType();
                    if (rClass == String.class) {
                        field.set(object, nextLine[1]);
                    } else if (rClass == int.class) {
                        field.set(object, Integer.parseInt(nextLine[1]));
                    } else if (rClass == boolean.class) {
                        field.set(object, Boolean.parseBoolean(nextLine[1]));
                    } else if (rClass == float.class) {
                        field.set(object, Float.parseFloat(nextLine[1]));
                    } else if (rClass == long.class) {
                        field.set(object, Long.parseLong(nextLine[1]));
                    } else if (rClass == short.class) {
                        field.set(object, Short.parseShort(nextLine[1]));
                    } else if (rClass == double.class) {
                        field.set(object, Double.parseDouble(nextLine[1]));
                    } else if (rClass == byte.class) {
                        field.set(object, Byte.parseByte(nextLine[1]));
                    } else if (rClass == char.class) {
                        field.set(object, nextLine[1].charAt(0));
                    } else {
                        Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage doesn't yet support extracting " + rClass.getSimpleName() + " from CSV files.");
                } catch (NoSuchFieldException e) {
                    Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage fromCSVFile failed.", e);
                } catch (IllegalAccessException e) {
                    Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage fromCSVFile failed.", e);

            } // Close if (nextLine.length >= 2)
        } // Close while ((nextLine = reader.readNext()) != null)
    } catch (FileNotFoundException e) {
        Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage fromCSVFile failed.", e);
    } catch (IOException e) {
        Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage fromCSVFile failed.", e);
    } catch (IllegalArgumentException e) {
        Log.e("EasyStorage", "Easy Storage fromCSVFile failed.", e);

I think with some simple recursion these methods could be modified to handle any Java object, but for me this was adequate.

Removing whitespace from strings in Java

If you need to remove unbreakable spaces too, you can upgrade your code like this :

st.replaceAll("[\\s|\\u00A0]+", "");

How to set a tkinter window to a constant size

You turn off pack_propagate by setting pack_propagate(0)

Turning off pack_propagate here basically says don't let the widgets inside the frame control it's size. So you've set it's width and height to be 500. Turning off propagate stills allows it to be this size without the widgets changing the size of the frame to fill their respective width / heights which is what would happen normally

To turn off resizing the root window, you can set root.resizable(0, 0), where resizing is allowed in the x and y directions respectively.

To set a maxsize to window, as noted in the other answer you can set the maxsize attribute or minsize although you could just set the geometry of the root window and then turn off resizing. A bit more flexible imo.

Whenever you set grid or pack on a widget it will return None. So, if you want to be able to keep a reference to the widget object you shouldn't be setting a variabe to a widget where you're calling grid or pack on it. You should instead set the variable to be the widget Widget(master, ....) and then call pack or grid on the widget instead.

import tkinter as tk

def startgame():


mw = tk.Tk()

#If you have a large number of widgets, like it looks like you will for your
#game you can specify the attributes for all widgets simply like this.
mw.option_add("*Button.Background", "black")
mw.option_add("*Button.Foreground", "red")

mw.title('The game')
#You can set the geometry attribute to change the root windows size
mw.geometry("500x500") #You want the size of the app to be 500x500
mw.resizable(0, 0) #Don't allow resizing in the x or y direction

back = tk.Frame(master=mw,bg='black')
back.pack_propagate(0) #Don't allow the widgets inside to determine the frame's width / height
back.pack(fill=tk.BOTH, expand=1) #Expand the frame to fill the root window

#Changed variables so you don't have these set to None from .pack()
go = tk.Button(master=back, text='Start Game', command=startgame)
close = tk.Button(master=back, text='Quit', command=mw.destroy)
info = tk.Label(master=back, text='Made by me!', bg='red', fg='black')


Programmatically change input type of the EditText from PASSWORD to NORMAL & vice versa

After you setInputType for a password field, you will have problem with FONT
Here is my solution for show/hide password without font problem

protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    findViewById( View.OnClickListener() {
        public void onClick(View v) {
            if (isPasswordVisible(edtPassword)) {
            } else {


private boolean isPasswordVisible(EditText editText) {
    return editText.getInputType() == INPUT_TYPE_VISIBLE_PASSWORD;

private void enableInputVisiblePassword(EditText editText) {
    Typeface cache = editText.getTypeface();

private void enableInputHiddenPassword(EditText editText) {
    Typeface cache = editText.getTypeface();

Note: I use InputType.TYPE_TEXT_VARIATION_PASSWORD instead of InputType.TYPE_CLASS_TEXT or HideReturnsTransformationMethod because I want the keyboard display both text and number


Is there any pythonic way to combine two dicts (adding values for keys that appear in both)?

What about:

def dict_merge_and_sum( d1, d2 ):
    ret = d1
    ret.update({ k:v + d2[k] for k,v in d1.items() if k in d2 })
    ret.update({ k:v for k,v in d2.items() if k not in d1 })
    return ret

A = {'a': 1, 'b': 2, 'c': 3}
B = {'b': 3, 'c': 4, 'd': 5}

print( dict_merge_and_sum( A, B ) )


{'d': 5, 'a': 1, 'c': 7, 'b': 5}

How to install pywin32 module in windows 7

I disagree with the accepted answer being "the easiest", particularly if you want to use virtualenv.

You can use the Unofficial Windows Binaries instead. Download the appropriate wheel from there, and install it with pip:

pip install pywin32-219-cp27-none-win32.whl

(Make sure you pick the one for the right version and bitness of Python).

You might be able to get the URL and install it via pip without downloading it first, but they're made it a bit harder to just grab the URL. Probably better to download it and host it somewhere yourself.

Writing MemoryStream to Response Object

Assuming you can get a Stream, FileStream or MemoryStream for instance, you can do this:

Stream file = [Some Code that Gets you a stream];
var filename = [The name of the file you want to user to download/see];

if (file != null && file.CanRead)
    context.Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=\"" + filename + "\"");
    context.Response.ContentType = "application/octet-stream";

Thats a copy and paste from some of my working code, so the content type might not be what youre looking for, but writing the stream to the response is the trick on the last line.

Using OpenSSL what does "unable to write 'random state'" mean?

The problem for me was that I had .rnd in my home directory but it was owned by root. Deleting it and reissuing the openssl command fixed this.

Use multiple @font-face rules in CSS

Note, you may also be interested in:

Custom web font not working in IE9

Which includes a more descriptive breakdown of the CSS you see below (and explains the tweaks that make it work better on IE6-9).

@font-face {
  font-family: 'Bumble Bee';
  src: url('bumblebee-webfont.eot');
  src: local('?'), 
       url('bumblebee-webfont.woff') format('woff'), 
       url('bumblebee-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'), 
       url('bumblebee-webfont.svg#webfontg8dbVmxj') format('svg');

@font-face {
  font-family: 'GestaReFogular';
  src: url('gestareg-webfont.eot');
  src: local('?'), 
       url('gestareg-webfont.woff') format('woff'), 
       url('gestareg-webfont.ttf') format('truetype'), 
       url('gestareg-webfont.svg#webfontg8dbVmxj') format('svg');

body {
  background: #fff url(../images/body-bg-corporate.gif) repeat-x;
  padding-bottom: 10px;
  font-family: 'GestaRegular', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

h1 {
  font-family: "Bumble Bee", "Times New Roman", Georgia, Serif;

And your follow-up questions:

Q. I would like to use a font such as "Bumble bee," for example. How can I use @font-face to make that font available on the user's computer?

Note that I don't know what the name of your Bumble Bee font or file is, so adjust accordingly, and that the font-face declaration should precede (come before) your use of it, as I've shown above.

Q. Can I still use the other @font-face typeface "GestaRegular" as well? Can I use both in the same stylesheet?

Just list them together as I've shown in my example. There is no reason you can't declare both. All that @font-face does is instruct the browser to download and make a font-family available. See:

How do I include a file over 2 directories back?

following are ways to access your different directories:-

./ = Your current directory
../ = One directory lower
../../ = Two directories lower
../../../ = Three directories lower

Getting a Request.Headers value

The following code should allow you to check for the existance of the header you're after in Request.Headers:

if (Request.Headers.AllKeys.Contains("XYZComponent"))
    // Can now check if the value is true:
    var value = Convert.ToBoolean(Request.Headers["XYZComponent"]);

Android Gradle plugin 0.7.0: "duplicate files during packaging of APK"

Important to know in what file it comes to this error (in you example it is META-INF/LICENSE.txt) , in my case it was in META-INF/LICENSE [without ".txt"], and then in the file META-INF/ASL2.0 so I added to my build.gradle this lines:

android {
    packagingOptions {
        exclude 'META-INF/LICENSE'
        exclude 'META-INF/ASL2.0'

Very important (!) -> add the name of the file in the same style, that you see it in the error message: the text is case sensitive, and there is a difference between *.txt and *(without "txt").

Convert date to YYYYMM format

A more efficient method, that uses integer math rather than strings/varchars, that will result in an int type rather than a string type is:


Adds two zeros to the right side of the year and then adds the month to the added two zeros.

Solution for "Fatal error: Maximum function nesting level of '100' reached, aborting!" in PHP

Another solution if you are running php script in CLI(cmd)

The php.ini file that needs edit is different in this case. In my WAMP installation the php.ini file that is loaded in command line is:


instead of \wamp\bin\apache\apache2.4.9\bin\php.ini which loads when php is run from browser

CSS3 Spin Animation

You haven't specified any keyframes. I made it work here.

div {
    margin: 20px;
    width: 100px; 
    height: 100px;    
    background: #f00;
    -webkit-animation: spin 4s infinite linear;

@-webkit-keyframes spin {
    0%  {-webkit-transform: rotate(0deg);}
    100% {-webkit-transform: rotate(360deg);}   

You can actually do lots of really cool stuff with this. Here is one I made earlier.


N.B. You can skip having to write out all the prefixes if you use -prefix-free.

Best way to find os name and version in Unix/Linux platform

This work fine for all Linux environment.

cat /etc/*-release

In Ubuntu:

$ cat /etc/*-release

or 12.04:

$ cat /etc/*-release

VERSION="12.04.4 LTS, Precise Pangolin"
PRETTY_NAME="Ubuntu precise (12.04.4 LTS)"


$ cat /etc/*-release
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 6.5 (Santiago)

Or Use this Script:

# Detects which OS and if it is Linux then it will detect which Linux
# Distribution.

OS=`uname -s`
REV=`uname -r`
MACH=`uname -m`

    VERSION=`cat $1 | tr "\n" ' ' | sed s/.*VERSION.*=\ // `

if [ "${OS}" = "SunOS" ] ; then
    ARCH=`uname -p` 
    OSSTR="${OS} ${REV}(${ARCH} `uname -v`)"
elif [ "${OS}" = "AIX" ] ; then
    OSSTR="${OS} `oslevel` (`oslevel -r`)"
elif [ "${OS}" = "Linux" ] ; then
    KERNEL=`uname -r`
    if [ -f /etc/redhat-release ] ; then
        PSUEDONAME=`cat /etc/redhat-release | sed s/.*\(// | sed s/\)//`
        REV=`cat /etc/redhat-release | sed s/.*release\ // | sed s/\ .*//`
    elif [ -f /etc/SuSE-release ] ; then
        DIST=`cat /etc/SuSE-release | tr "\n" ' '| sed s/VERSION.*//`
        REV=`cat /etc/SuSE-release | tr "\n" ' ' | sed s/.*=\ //`
    elif [ -f /etc/mandrake-release ] ; then
        PSUEDONAME=`cat /etc/mandrake-release | sed s/.*\(// | sed s/\)//`
        REV=`cat /etc/mandrake-release | sed s/.*release\ // | sed s/\ .*//`
    elif [ -f /etc/debian_version ] ; then
        DIST="Debian `cat /etc/debian_version`"

    if [ -f /etc/UnitedLinux-release ] ; then
        DIST="${DIST}[`cat /etc/UnitedLinux-release | tr "\n" ' ' | sed s/VERSION.*//`]"



echo ${OSSTR}

How do I convert an Array to a List<object> in C#?

Here is my version:

  List<object> list = new List<object>(new object[]{ "test", 0, "hello", 1, "world" });

  foreach(var x in list)
      Console.WriteLine("x: {0}", x);

How to extract text from an existing docx file using python-docx

you can try this also

from docx import Document

document = Document('demo.docx')
for para in document.paragraphs:

ProcessBuilder: Forwarding stdout and stderr of started processes without blocking the main thread

Thread thread = new Thread(() -> {
      new BufferedReader(
          new InputStreamReader(inputStream, 

Your custom code goes instead of the ...

My httpd.conf is empty

OK - what you're missing is that its designed to be more industrial and serve many sites, so the config you want is probably:


which on my system is linked to from /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/

if you want to have different sites with different options, copy the file and then change those...

MongoDB/Mongoose querying at a specific date?

You can use following approach for API method to get results from specific day:

getMeals: (req, res) ->
  options = {}
  # eg. api/v1/meals?date=Tue+Jan+13+2015+00%3A00%3A00+GMT%2B0100+(CET)
    date = new Date
    date.setHours 0, 0, 0, 0
    endDate = new Date date
    endDate.setHours 23, 59, 59, 59 =
      $lt: endDate
      $gte: date

  Meal.find options, (err, meals) ->
      if err or not meals
        handleError err, meals, res
        res.json createJSON meals, null, 'meals'

How to: Add/Remove Class on mouseOver/mouseOut - JQuery .hover?

You forgot the dot of class selector of result class.

Live Demo

  function () {
  function () {

You can use toggleClass on hover event

Live Demo

 $(".result").hover(function () {

Testing socket connection in Python

You should really post:

  1. The complete source code of your example
  2. The actual result of it, not a summary

Here is my code, which works:

import socket, sys

def alert(msg):
    print >>sys.stderr, msg

(family, socktype, proto, garbage, address) = \
         socket.getaddrinfo("::1", "http")[0] # Use only the first tuple
s = socket.socket(family, socktype, proto)

except Exception, e:
    alert("Something's wrong with %s. Exception type is %s" % (address, e))

When the server listens, I get nothing (this is normal), when it doesn't, I get the expected message:

Something's wrong with ('::1', 80, 0, 0). Exception type is (111, 'Connection refused')

MySQL error - #1932 - Table 'phpmyadmin.pma user config' doesn't exist in engine

I've encountered the same problem in OSX. I've tried to replace the things like
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['usergroups'] to $cfg['Servers'][$i]['pma__usergroups'] ...

It works in safari but still fails in chrome.
But the so called 'work' in safari can get the message that the features which have been modified are not in effect at all.
However, the 'work' means that I can access the dbs listed left.
I think this problem maybe a bug in the new version of XAMPP, since the #1932 problems in google is new and boomed.
You can have a try at an older version of XAMPP instead until the bug is solved.
Hope it can help you.

Changing background color of text box input not working when empty

You can style it using javascript and css. Add the style to css and using javascript add/remove style using classlist property. Here is a JSFiddle for it.

  <div class="div-image-text">
    <input class="input-image-url" type="text" placeholder="Add text" name="input-image">
    <input type="button" onclick="addRemoteImage(event);" value="Submit">
  <div class="no-image-url-error" name="input-image-error">Textbox empty</div>

addRemoteImage = function(event) {
  var textbox = document.querySelector("input[name='input-image']"),
    imageUrl = textbox.value,
    errorDiv = document.querySelector("div[name='input-image-error']");
  if (imageUrl == "") { = "block";
    setTimeout(function() {'display');
    }, 3000);
  } else {

ArrayList: how does the size increase?

when a ArrayList is declared and initialized using default constructor, memory space for 10 elements will be created. now, when i add 11 th element, what happens is

ArrayList create a new object with the following size

i.e OldCapacity*3/2+1 = 10*3/2+1 =16

iPhone and WireShark

The tcpdump tool is available under gnu.

You can use it instead of wireshark.

Loading class `com.mysql.jdbc.Driver'. This is deprecated. The new driver class is `com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver'

The driver is automatically registered via SPI and manual loading of the driver class is usually unnecessary. Just change "com.mysql.cj.jdbc.Driver"

Angularjs - Pass argument to directive

<button my-directive="push">Push to Go</button>

app.directive("myDirective", function() {
    return {
        restrict : "A",
         link: function(scope, elm, attrs) {
                elm.bind('click', function(event) {

                    alert("You pressed button: " +'my-directive'));

here is what I did

I'm using directive as html attribute and I passed parameter as following in my HTML file. my-directive="push" And from the directive I retrieved it from the Mouse-click event object.'my-directive').

Finding an element in an array in Java

There is a contains method for lists, so you should be able to do:


Warning: this might not do what you (or I) expect, see Tom's comment below.

Cannot lower case button text in android studio

add android:textAllCaps="false" in xml button It's true with this issue.

Why is @font-face throwing a 404 error on woff files?

If you are using CodeIgniter under IIS7 :

In your web.config file, add woff to the pattern

<rule name="Rewrite CI Index">
  <match url=".*" />
      <add input="{REQUEST_FILENAME}" pattern="css|js|jpg|jpeg|png|gif|ico|htm|html|woff" negate="true" />
    <action type="Rewrite" url="index.php/{R:0}" />

Hope it helps !

Plot data in descending order as appears in data frame

You want reorder(). Here is an example with dummy data

df <- data.frame(Category = sample(LETTERS), Count = rpois(26, 6))


p1 <- ggplot(df, aes(x = Category, y = Count)) +
         geom_bar(stat = "identity")

p2 <- ggplot(df, aes(x = reorder(Category, -Count), y = Count)) +
         geom_bar(stat = "identity")

grid.arrange(arrangeGrob(p1, p2))


enter image description here

Use reorder(Category, Count) to have Category ordered from low-high.

Starting a node.js server

Run cmd and then run node server.js. In your example, you are trying to use the REPL to run your command, which is not going to work. The ellipsis is node.js expecting more tokens before closing the current scope (you can type code in and run it on the fly here)

Using pip behind a proxy with CNTLM

This worked for me (on Windows via CMD):

pip install --proxy proxyserver:port requests

How to remove unused imports from Eclipse

Certainly in Eclipse indigo, a yellow line appears under unused imports. If you hover over that, there will be multiple links; one of which will say "Remove unused import". Click that.

If you have multiple unused imports, just hover over one and there will be a link that allows you to remove all unused imports at once. I can't remember the exact wording off hand, but all the links that appear are pretty self explanatory.

CASE (Contains) rather than equal statement

CASE WHEN ', ' + dbo.Table.Column +',' LIKE '%, lactulose,%' 
  THEN 'BP Medication' ELSE '' END AS [BP Medication]

The leading ', ' and trailing ',' are added so that you can handle the match regardless of where it is in the string (first entry, last entry, or anywhere in between).

That said, why are you storing data you want to search on as a comma-separated string? This violates all kinds of forms and best practices. You should consider normalizing your schema.

In addition: don't use 'single quotes' as identifier delimiters; this syntax is deprecated. Use [square brackets] (preferred) or "double quotes" if you must. See "string literals as column aliases" here:

EDIT If you have multiple values, you can do this (you can't short-hand this with the other CASE syntax variant or by using something like IN()):

  WHEN ', ' + dbo.Table.Column +',' LIKE '%, lactulose,%' 
  WHEN ', ' + dbo.Table.Column +',' LIKE '%, amlodipine,%' 
  THEN 'BP Medication' ELSE '' END AS [BP Medication]

If you have more values, it might be worthwhile to use a split function, e.g.

USE tempdb;

       ( SELECT Item = x.i.value('(./text())[1]', 'nvarchar(max)')
         FROM ( SELECT [XML] = CONVERT(XML, '<i>'
         + REPLACE(@List,',', '</i><i>') + '</i>').query('.')
           ) AS a CROSS APPLY [XML].nodes('i') AS x(i) ) AS y

CREATE TABLE dbo.[Table](ID INT, [Column] VARCHAR(255));

(1,'lactulose, Lasix (furosemide), oxazepam, propranolol, rabeprazole, sertraline,'),
(2,'lactulite, Lasix (furosemide), lactulose, propranolol, rabeprazole, sertraline,'),
(3,'lactulite, Lasix (furosemide), oxazepam, propranolol, rabeprazole, sertraline,'),
(4,'lactulite, Lasix (furosemide), lactulose, amlodipine, rabeprazole, sertraline,');

  FROM dbo.[Table] AS t
  INNER JOIN dbo.SplitStrings('lactulose,amlodipine') AS s
  ON ', ' + t.[Column] + ',' LIKE '%, ' + s.Item + ',%'



Detecting when the 'back' button is pressed on a navbar

You can use the back button callback, like this:

- (BOOL) navigationShouldPopOnBackButton
    [self backAction];
    return NO;

- (void) backAction {
    // your code goes here
    // show confirmation alert, for example
    // ...

for swift version you can do something like in global scope

extension UIViewController {
     @objc func navigationShouldPopOnBackButton() -> Bool {
     return true

extension UINavigationController: UINavigationBarDelegate {
     public func navigationBar(_ navigationBar: UINavigationBar, shouldPop item: UINavigationItem) -> Bool {
          return self.topViewController?.navigationShouldPopOnBackButton() ?? true

Below one you put in the viewcontroller where you want to control back button action:

override func navigationShouldPopOnBackButton() -> Bool {
    self.backAction()//Your action you want to perform.

    return true

How to Export Private / Secret ASC Key to Decrypt GPG Files

I think you had not yet import the private key as the message error said, To import public/private key from gnupg:

gpg --import mypub_key
gpg --allow-secret-key-import --import myprv_key

How to extend available properties of User.Identity

Dhaust gives a good way to add the property to the ApplicationUser class. Looking at the OP code it appears they may have done this or were on track to do that. The question asks

How can I retrieve the OrganizationId property of the currently logged in user from within a controller? However, OrganizationId is not a property available in User.Identity. Do I need to extend User.Identity to include the OrganizationId property?

Pawel gives a way to add an extension method that requires using statements or adding the namespace to the web.config file.

However, the question asks if you "need to" extend User.Identity to include the new property. There is an alternative way to access the property without extending User.Identity. If you followed Dhaust method you can then use the following code in your controller to access the new property.

ApplicationDbContext db = new ApplicationDbContext();
var manager = new UserManager<ApplicationUser>(new UserStore<ApplicationUser>(db));
var currentUser = manager.FindById(User.Identity.GetUserId());
var myNewProperty = currentUser.OrganizationId;

Controlling fps with requestAnimationFrame?

Update 2016/6

The problem throttling the frame rate is that the screen has a constant update rate, typically 60 FPS.

If we want 24 FPS we will never get the true 24 fps on the screen, we can time it as such but not show it as the monitor can only show synced frames at 15 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps (some monitors also 120 fps).

However, for timing purposes we can calculate and update when possible.

You can build all the logic for controlling the frame-rate by encapsulating calculations and callbacks into an object:

function FpsCtrl(fps, callback) {

    var delay = 1000 / fps,                               // calc. time per frame
        time = null,                                      // start time
        frame = -1,                                       // frame count
        tref;                                             // rAF time reference

    function loop(timestamp) {
        if (time === null) time = timestamp;              // init start time
        var seg = Math.floor((timestamp - time) / delay); // calc frame no.
        if (seg > frame) {                                // moved to next frame?
            frame = seg;                                  // update
            callback({                                    // callback function
                time: timestamp,
                frame: frame
        tref = requestAnimationFrame(loop)

Then add some controller and configuration code:

// play status
this.isPlaying = false;

// set frame-rate
this.frameRate = function(newfps) {
    if (!arguments.length) return fps;
    fps = newfps;
    delay = 1000 / fps;
    frame = -1;
    time = null;

// enable starting/pausing of the object
this.start = function() {
    if (!this.isPlaying) {
        this.isPlaying = true;
        tref = requestAnimationFrame(loop);

this.pause = function() {
    if (this.isPlaying) {
        this.isPlaying = false;
        time = null;
        frame = -1;


It becomes very simple - now, all that we have to do is to create an instance by setting callback function and desired frame rate just like this:

var fc = new FpsCtrl(24, function(e) {
     // render each frame here

Then start (which could be the default behavior if desired):


That's it, all the logic is handled internally.


var ctx = c.getContext("2d"), pTime = 0, mTime = 0, x = 0;_x000D_
ctx.font = "20px sans-serif";_x000D_
// update canvas with some information and animation_x000D_
var fps = new FpsCtrl(12, function(e) {_x000D_
 ctx.clearRect(0, 0, c.width, c.height);_x000D_
 ctx.fillText("FPS: " + fps.frameRate() + _x000D_
                 " Frame: " + e.frame + _x000D_
                 " Time: " + (e.time - pTime).toFixed(1), 4, 30);_x000D_
 pTime = e.time;_x000D_
 var x = (pTime - mTime) * 0.1;_x000D_
 if (x > c.width) mTime = pTime;_x000D_
 ctx.fillRect(x, 50, 10, 10)_x000D_
// start the loop_x000D_
// UI_x000D_
bState.onclick = function() {_x000D_
 fps.isPlaying ? fps.pause() : fps.start();_x000D_
sFPS.onchange = function() {_x000D_
function FpsCtrl(fps, callback) {_x000D_
 var delay = 1000 / fps,_x000D_
  time = null,_x000D_
  frame = -1,_x000D_
 function loop(timestamp) {_x000D_
  if (time === null) time = timestamp;_x000D_
  var seg = Math.floor((timestamp - time) / delay);_x000D_
  if (seg > frame) {_x000D_
   frame = seg;_x000D_
    time: timestamp,_x000D_
    frame: frame_x000D_
  tref = requestAnimationFrame(loop)_x000D_
 this.isPlaying = false;_x000D_
 this.frameRate = function(newfps) {_x000D_
  if (!arguments.length) return fps;_x000D_
  fps = newfps;_x000D_
  delay = 1000 / fps;_x000D_
  frame = -1;_x000D_
  time = null;_x000D_
 this.start = function() {_x000D_
  if (!this.isPlaying) {_x000D_
   this.isPlaying = true;_x000D_
   tref = requestAnimationFrame(loop);_x000D_
 this.pause = function() {_x000D_
  if (this.isPlaying) {_x000D_
   this.isPlaying = false;_x000D_
   time = null;_x000D_
   frame = -1;_x000D_
body {font:16px sans-serif}
<label>Framerate: <select id=sFPS>_x000D_
<canvas id=c height=60></canvas><br>_x000D_
<button id=bState>Start/Stop</button>

Old answer

The main purpose of requestAnimationFrame is to sync updates to the monitor's refresh rate. This will require you to animate at the FPS of the monitor or a factor of it (ie. 60, 30, 15 FPS for a typical refresh rate @ 60 Hz).

If you want a more arbitrary FPS then there is no point using rAF as the frame rate will never match the monitor's update frequency anyways (just a frame here and there) which simply cannot give you a smooth animation (as with all frame re-timings) and you can might as well use setTimeout or setInterval instead.

This is also a well known problem in the professional video industry when you want to playback a video at a different FPS then the device showing it refresh at. Many techniques has been used such as frame blending and complex re-timing re-building intermediate frames based on motion vectors, but with canvas these techniques are not available and the result will always be jerky video.

var FPS = 24;  /// "silver screen"
var isPlaying = true;

function loop() {
    if (isPlaying) setTimeout(loop, 1000 / FPS);

    ... code for frame here

The reason why we place setTimeout first (and why some place rAF first when a poly-fill is used) is that this will be more accurate as the setTimeout will queue an event immediately when the loop starts so that no matter how much time the remaining code will use (provided it doesn't exceed the timeout interval) the next call will be at the interval it represents (for pure rAF this is not essential as rAF will try to jump onto the next frame in any case).

Also worth to note that placing it first will also risk calls stacking up as with setInterval. setInterval may be slightly more accurate for this use.

And you can use setInterval instead outside the loop to do the same.

var FPS = 29.97;   /// NTSC
var rememberMe = setInterval(loop, 1000 / FPS);

function loop() {

    ... code for frame here

And to stop the loop:


In order to reduce frame rate when the tab gets blurred you can add a factor like this:

var isFocus = 1;
var FPS = 25;

function loop() {
    setTimeout(loop, 1000 / (isFocus * FPS)); /// note the change here

    ... code for frame here

window.onblur = function() {
    isFocus = 0.5; /// reduce FPS to half   

window.onfocus = function() {
    isFocus = 1; /// full FPS

This way you can reduce the FPS to 1/4 etc.

Substring with reverse index

A crazy regex approach

"xxx_456".match(/...$/)[0] //456

Excel formula to reference 'CELL TO THE LEFT'

You could use a VBA script that changes the conditional formatting of a selection (you might have to adjust the condition & formatting accordingly):

For Each i In Selection
i.FormatConditions.Add Type:=xlCellValue, Operator:=xlLess, Formula1:="=" & i.Offset(0, -1).Address
With i.FormatConditions(1).Font
    .Bold = True
End With
Next i

How do I set the version information for an existing .exe, .dll?

A little late to the party, but since I was looking for it (and I might need to find it again sometime), here's what I did to include version, company name, etc. into my C++ DLL under VS2013 Express:

  1. Created and edited a dllproj.rc file, as indicated previously.
  2. Added the line "rc.exe dllproj.rc" as a pre-build step in the DLL project.
  3. Added dllproj.res to the resource folder for the project.

Hope this helps!

How to filter a RecyclerView with a SearchView

simply create two list in adapter one orignal and one temp and implements Filterable.

    public Filter getFilter() {
        return new Filter() {
            protected FilterResults performFiltering(CharSequence constraint) {
                final FilterResults oReturn = new FilterResults();
                final ArrayList<T> results = new ArrayList<>();
                if (origList == null)
                    origList = new ArrayList<>(itemList);
                if (constraint != null && constraint.length() > 0) {
                    if (origList != null && origList.size() > 0) {
                        for (final T cd : origList) {
                            if (cd.getAttributeToSearch().toLowerCase()
                    oReturn.values = results;
                    oReturn.count = results.size();//newly Aded by ZA
                } else {
                    oReturn.values = origList;
                    oReturn.count = origList.size();//newly added by ZA
                return oReturn;

            protected void publishResults(final CharSequence constraint,
                                          FilterResults results) {
                itemList = new ArrayList<>((ArrayList<T>) results.values);
                // FIXME: 8/16/2017 implement Comparable with sort below


public GenericBaseAdapter(Context mContext, List<T> itemList) {
        this.mContext = mContext;
        this.itemList = itemList;
        this.origList = itemList;

Cannot delete directory with Directory.Delete(path, true)

If your application's (or any other application's) current directory is the one you're trying to delete, it will not be an access violation error but a directory is not empty. Make sure it's not your own application by changing the current directory; also, make sure the directory is not open in some other program (e.g. Word, excel, Total Commander, etc.). Most programs will cd to the directory of the last file opened, which would cause that.

Version vs build in Xcode

The Build number is an internal number that indicates the current state of the app. It differs from the Version number in that it's typically not user facing and doesn't denote any difference/features/upgrades like a version number typically would.

Think of it like this:

  • Build (CFBundleVersion): The number of the build. Usually you start this at 1 and increase by 1 with each build of the app. It quickly allows for comparisons of which build is more recent and it denotes the sense of progress of the codebase. These can be overwhelmingly valuable when working with QA and needing to be sure bugs are logged against the right builds.
  • Marketing Version (CFBundleShortVersionString): The user-facing number you are using to denote this version of your app. Usually this follows a Major.minor version scheme (e.g. MyAwesomeApp 1.2) to let users know which releases are smaller maintenance updates and which are big deal new features.

To use this effectively in your projects, Apple provides a great tool called agvtool. I highly recommend using this as it is MUCH more simple than scripting up plist changes. It allows you to easily set both the build number and the marketing version. It is particularly useful when scripting (for instance, easily updating the build number on each build or even querying what the current build number is). It can even do more exotic things like tag your SVN for you when you update the build number.

To use it:

  • Set your project in Xcode, under Versioning, to use "Apple Generic".
  • In terminal
    • agvtool new-version 1 (set the Build number to 1)
    • agvtool new-marketing-version 1.0 (set the Marketing version to 1.0)

See the man page of agvtool for a ton of good info

How to get the hostname of the docker host from inside a docker container on that host without env vars

I'm adding this because it's not mentioned in any of the other answers. You can give a container a specific hostname at runtime with the -h directive.

docker run ubuntu:latest

You can use backticks (or whatever equivalent your shell uses) to get the output of hosthame into the -h argument.

docker run -h=`hostname` ubuntu:latest

There is a caveat, the value of hostname will be taken from the host you run the command from, so if you want the hostname of a virtual machine that's running your docker container then using hostname as an argument may not be correct if you are using the host machine to execute docker commands on the virtual machine.

How to compile multiple java source files in command line

Try the following:


Set IDENTITY_INSERT ON is not working

You might be just missing the column list, as the message says

SET IDENTITY_INSERT [MyDB].[dbo].[Equipment] ON

INSERT INTO [MyDB].[dbo].[Equipment]
FROM   [MyDBQA].[dbo].[Equipment]

SET IDENTITY_INSERT [MyDB].[dbo].[Equipment] OFF 

DLL and LIB files - what and why?

There are static libraries (LIB) and dynamic libraries (DLL) - but note that .LIB files can be either static libraries (containing object files) or import libraries (containing symbols to allow the linker to link to a DLL).

Libraries are used because you may have code that you want to use in many programs. For example if you write a function that counts the number of characters in a string, that function will be useful in lots of programs. Once you get that function working correctly you don't want to have to recompile the code every time you use it, so you put the executable code for that function in a library, and the linker can extract and insert the compiled code into your program. Static libraries are sometimes called 'archives' for this reason.

Dynamic libraries take this one step further. It seems wasteful to have multiple copies of the library functions taking up space in each of the programs. Why can't they all share one copy of the function? This is what dynamic libraries are for. Rather than building the library code into your program when it is compiled, it can be run by mapping it into your program as it is loaded into memory. Multiple programs running at the same time that use the same functions can all share one copy, saving memory. In fact, you can load dynamic libraries only as needed, depending on the path through your code. No point in having the printer routines taking up memory if you aren't doing any printing. On the other hand, this means you have to have a copy of the dynamic library installed on every machine your program runs on. This creates its own set of problems.

As an example, almost every program written in 'C' will need functions from a library called the 'C runtime library, though few programs will need all of the functions. The C runtime comes in both static and dynamic versions, so you can determine which version your program uses depending on particular needs.

How do I get the current date and current time only respectively in Django?

import datetime  # Returns 2018-01-15 # Returns 2018-01-15 09:00

What exactly is node.js used for?

Node.js is an open source command line tool built for the server side JavaScript code.

Node.js is a platform built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications.

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient, perfect for data-intensive real-time applications that run across distributed devices.

The basic philosophy of node.js is:

Non-blocking I/O - every I/O call must take a callback, whether it is to retrieve information from disk, network or another process. Built-in support for the most important protocols (HTTP, DNS, TLS) Low-level. Do not remove functionality present at the POSIX layer. For example, support half-closed TCP connections. Stream everything; never force the buffering of data.

Credit - Simple Overview About Node.js

How to capitalize the first letter of word in a string using Java?

Solution with StringBuilder:

value = new StringBuilder()
                .append(value.substring(0, 1).toUpperCase())

.. based on previous answers

MySQL select all rows from last month until (now() - 1 month), for comparative purposes


Similarly, You can select records for 1 month, 2 months etc.

How to create JSON object using jQuery

How to get append input field value as json like

           test:'test 1',
           testData:  [ 
                       {testName: 'do',testId:''}
            test:'test 2',
           testData:  [
                            {testName: 'do1',testId:''}

jQuery $.cookie is not a function

I had this problem as well. I found out that having a $(document).ready function that included a $.cookie in a script tag inside body while having cookie js load in the head BELOW jquery as intended resulted in $(document).ready beeing processed before the cookie plugin could finish loading.

I moved the cookie plugin load script in the body before the $(document).ready script and the error disappeared :D

How do you create a hidden div that doesn't create a line break or horizontal space?

To prevent the checkbox from taking up any space without removing it from the DOM, use hidden.

<div hidden id="divCheckbox">

To prevent the checkbox from taking up any space and also removing it from the DOM, use display: none.

<div id="divCheckbox" style="display:none">

How do I alter the precision of a decimal column in Sql Server?

ALTER TABLE `tableName` CHANGE  `columnName` DECIMAL(16,1) NOT NULL;

I uses This for the alterration

Slide up/down effect with ng-show and ng-animate

What's wrong with actually using ng-animate for ng-show as you mentioned?

<script src="lib/angulr.js"></script>
<script src="lib/angulr_animate.js"></script>
    var app=angular.module('ang_app', ['ngAnimate']);
    app.controller('ang_control01_main', function($scope) {

    #myDiv {
        transition: .5s;
        background-color: lightblue;
        height: 100px;
    } {
        height: 0;
<body ng-app="ang_app" ng-controller="ang_control01_main">
    <input type="checkbox" ng-model="myCheck">
    <div id="myDiv" ng-show="myCheck"></div>

How to create a toggle button in Bootstrap

If you want to keep a small code base, and you are only going to be needing the toggle button for a small part of the application. I would suggest instead maintain you're javascript code your self (angularjs, javascript, jquery) and just use plain CSS.

Good toggle button generator:

SQL to search objects, including stored procedures, in Oracle

ALL_SOURCE describes the text source of the stored objects accessible to the current user.

Here is one of the solution

select * from ALL_SOURCE where text like '%some string%';

How to add an object to an ArrayList in Java

Contacts.add(objt.Data(name, address, contact));

This is not a perfect way to call a constructor. The constructor is called at the time of object creation automatically. If there is no constructor java class creates its own constructor.

The correct way is:

// object creation. 
Data object1 = new Data(name, address, contact);      

// adding Data object to ArrayList object Contacts.

Check/Uncheck all the checkboxes in a table

Actually your checkAll(..) is hanging without any attachment.

1) Add onchange event handler

<th><INPUT type="checkbox" onchange="checkAll(this)" name="chk[]" /> </th>

2) Modified the code to handle check/uncheck

 function checkAll(ele) {
     var checkboxes = document.getElementsByTagName('input');
     if (ele.checked) {
         for (var i = 0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
             if (checkboxes[i].type == 'checkbox') {
                 checkboxes[i].checked = true;
     } else {
         for (var i = 0; i < checkboxes.length; i++) {
             if (checkboxes[i].type == 'checkbox') {
                 checkboxes[i].checked = false;

Updated Fiddle

Run PHP function on html button click

Use an AJAX Request on your PHP file, then display the result on your page, without any reloading. This is a simple solution if you don't need any POST data.

Populating a database in a Laravel migration file

I tried this DB insert method, but as it does not use the model, it ignored a sluggable trait I had on the model. So, given the Model for this table exists, as soon as its migrated, I figured the model would be available to use to insert data. And I came up with this:

public function up() {
        Schema::create('parent_categories', function (Blueprint $table) {
                'id' => 1,
                'name' => 'Occasions',

This worked correctly, and also took into account the sluggable trait on my Model to automatically generate a slug for this entry, and uses the timestamps too. NB. Adding the ID was no neccesary, however, I wanted specific IDs for my categories in this example. Tested working on Laravel 5.8

Anaconda version with Python 3.5

Per this announcement, Anaconda upgraded to Python 3.6 starting with version 4.3, so... you probably want the 4.2.0 package from the installer archive.

syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE

There is no semicolon at the end of that instruction causing the error.


Like RiverC pointed out, there is no semicolon at the end of the previous line!

require ("scripts/connect.php") 


It seems you have no-semicolons whatsoever.

As in C or Perl, PHP requires instructions to be terminated with a semicolon at the end of each statement.

Passing parameters to a JQuery function

If you want to do an ajax call or a simple javascript function, don't forget to close your function with the return false

like this:

function DoAction(id, name) 
    // your code
    return false;

Sending and Parsing JSON Objects in Android

You can download a library from (Json-lib or org.json) and use it to parse/generate the JSON

How do I format a number to a dollar amount in PHP

Note that in PHP 7.4, money_format() function is deprecated. It can be replaced by the intl NumberFormatter functionality, just make sure you enable the php-intl extension. It's a small amount of effort and worth it as you get a lot of customizability.

$f = new NumberFormatter("en", NumberFormatter::CURRENCY);
$f->formatCurrency(12345, "USD"); // Outputs "$12,345.00"

The fast way that will still work for 7.4 is as mentioned by Darryl Hein:

'$' . number_format($money, 2);

How can I use inverse or negative wildcards when pattern matching in a unix/linux shell?

If you want to avoid the mem cost of using the exec command, I believe you can do better with xargs. I think the following is a more efficient alternative to

find foo -type f ! -name '*Music*' -exec cp {} bar \; # new proc for each exec

find . -maxdepth 1 -name '*Music*' -prune -o -print0 | xargs -0 -i cp {} dest/

Stylesheet not updating

If your site is not live yet, and you just want to update the stylesheet at your pleased intervals, then use this:

Ctrl + F5

This will force your browser to reload and refresh all the resources related to the website's page.

So everytime you change something in your stylesheet and you wanna view the new results, use this.

On Mac OS Chrome use: Command + Shift + R.

Checking if a string can be converted to float in Python

Passing dictionary as argument it will convert strings which can be converted to float and will leave others

def covertDict_float(data):
        for i in data:
            if data[i].split(".")[0].isdigit():
                    data[i] = float(data[i])
        return data

How to use npm with ASP.NET Core

Install the Bundler and Minifier into Visual Studio Extensions

Then you create a bundleconfig.json and enter the following like :

// Configure bundling and minification for the project.
// More info at
    "outputFileName": "wwwroot/js/jquery.min.js",
    "inputFiles": [
    // Optionally specify minification options
    "minify": {
      "enabled": true,
      "renameLocals": false
    // Optionally generate .map file
    "sourceMap": false

So the bundler and minifier (gulp based) has access to the source files (which should be excluded from Visual Studio and also excluded from GIT) and puts them into the wwwroot as specified

only side effect every time you save it will run this (but you can set it to run it manually)

How to call a RESTful web service from Android?

What back-end? If JAVA then you can use REST with Java (JAX-RS) using Jersey.

On the Android side you can use this simple RestClient to work with that REST service.

For JSON <--> Object mapping on both sides (Android, Java back-end) you can use GSON.

Adding CSRFToken to Ajax request

How about this,

$("body").bind("ajaxSend", function(elm, xhr, s){
   if (s.type == "POST") {
      xhr.setRequestHeader('X-CSRF-Token', getCSRFTokenValue());


To pass CSRF as parameter,

            type: "POST",
            url: "file",
            data: { CSRF: getCSRFTokenValue()}
        .done(function( msg ) {
            alert( "Data: " + msg );

How to loop an object in React?

You can use map function

{Object.keys(tifs).map(key => (
    <option value={key}>{tifs[key]}</option>

Passing 'this' to an onclick event

You can always call funciton differently:; in this way you will be able to use this context inside the function.


<button onclick="" id="bar">Button</button>?

var foo = function()
    this.innerHTML = "Not a button";

Escaping quotes and double quotes

In Powershell 5 escaping double quotes can be done by backtick (`). But sometimes you need to provide your double quotes escaped which can be done by backslash + backtick (\`). Eg in this curl call:

C:\Windows\System32\curl.exe -s -k -H "Content-Type: application/json" -XPOST localhost:9200/index_name/inded_type -d"{\`"velocity\`":3.14}"

Google Map API - Removing Markers

You need to keep an array of the google.maps.Marker objects to hide (or remove or run other operations on them).

In the global scope:

var gmarkers = [];

Then push the markers on that array as you create them:

var marker = new google.maps.Marker({
    position: new google.maps.LatLng(locations[i].latitude, locations[i].longitude),
    title: locations[i].title,
    icon: icon,

// Push your newly created marker into the array:

Then to remove them:

function removeMarkers(){
    for(i=0; i<gmarkers.length; i++){

working example (toggles the markers)

code snippet:

var gmarkers = [];_x000D_
var RoseHulman = new google.maps.LatLng(39.483558, -87.324593);_x000D_
var styles = [{_x000D_
  stylers: [{_x000D_
    hue: "black"_x000D_
  }, {_x000D_
    saturation: -90_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  featureType: "road",_x000D_
  elementType: "geometry",_x000D_
  stylers: [{_x000D_
    lightness: 100_x000D_
  }, {_x000D_
    visibility: "simplified"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  featureType: "road",_x000D_
  elementType: "labels",_x000D_
  stylers: [{_x000D_
    visibility: "on"_x000D_
var styledMap = new google.maps.StyledMapType(styles, {_x000D_
  name: "Campus"_x000D_
var mapOptions = {_x000D_
  center: RoseHulman,_x000D_
  zoom: 15,_x000D_
  mapTypeControl: true,_x000D_
  zoomControl: true,_x000D_
  zoomControlOptions: {_x000D_
    style: google.maps.ZoomControlStyle.SMALL_x000D_
  mapTypeControlOptions: {_x000D_
    mapTypeIds: ['map_style', google.maps.MapTypeId.HYBRID],_x000D_
    style: google.maps.MapTypeControlStyle.DROPDOWN_MENU_x000D_
  scrollwheel: false,_x000D_
  streetViewControl: true,_x000D_
var map = new google.maps.Map(document.getElementById('map'), mapOptions);_x000D_
map.mapTypes.set('map_style', styledMap);_x000D_
var infowindow = new google.maps.InfoWindow({_x000D_
  maxWidth: 300,_x000D_
  infoBoxClearance: new google.maps.Size(1, 1),_x000D_
  disableAutoPan: false_x000D_
var marker, i, icon, image;_x000D_
var locations = [{_x000D_
  "id": "1",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F2",_x000D_
  "title": "Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Alpha Tau Omega house</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.321133",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484092"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "2",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "B2",_x000D_
  "title": "Apartment Commons",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>The commons area of the apartment-style residential complex</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.329282",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483599"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "3",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "B2",_x000D_
  "title": "Apartment East",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Apartment East</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.328809",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483748"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "4",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "B2",_x000D_
  "title": "Apartment West",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Apartment West</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.329732",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483429"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "5",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "C2",_x000D_
  "title": "Baur-Sames-Bogart (BSB) Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Baur-Sames-Bogart Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.325714",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482382"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "6",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "D3",_x000D_
  "title": "Blumberg Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Blumberg Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.328321",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483388"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "7",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E1",_x000D_
  "title": "The Branam Innovation Center",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>The Branam Innovation Center</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.322614",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.48494"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "8",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "G3",_x000D_
  "title": "Chi Omega Sorority",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Chi Omega house</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.319905",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482071"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "9",_x000D_
  "category": "3",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "D1",_x000D_
  "title": "Cook Stadium/Phil Brown Field",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Cook Stadium at Phil Brown Field</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.325258",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.485007"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "10",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "D2",_x000D_
  "title": "Crapo Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Crapo Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.324368",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483709"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "11",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "G3",_x000D_
  "title": "Delta Delta Delta Sorority",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Delta Delta Delta</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.317477",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482951"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "12",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "D2",_x000D_
  "title": "Deming Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Deming Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.325822",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483421"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "13",_x000D_
  "category": "5",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F1",_x000D_
  "title": "Facilities Operations",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Facilities Operations</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.321782",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484916"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "14",_x000D_
  "category": "2",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E3",_x000D_
  "title": "Flame of the Millennium",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Flame of Millennium sculpture</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.323306",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.481978"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "15",_x000D_
  "category": "5",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E2",_x000D_
  "title": "Hadley Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Hadley Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.324046",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482887"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "16",_x000D_
  "category": "2",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F2",_x000D_
  "title": "Hatfield Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Hatfield Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.322340",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482146"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "17",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "C2",_x000D_
  "title": "Hulman Memorial Union",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Hulman Memorial Union</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.32698",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483574"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "18",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E2",_x000D_
  "title": "John T. Myers Center for Technological Research with Industry",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>John T. Myers Center for Technological Research With Industry</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.322984",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484063"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "19",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "A2",_x000D_
  "title": "Lakeside Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p></p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.330612",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482804"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "20",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F2",_x000D_
  "title": "Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Lambda Chi Alpha</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.320999",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.48305"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "21",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "D2",_x000D_
  "title": "Logan Library",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Logan Library</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.324851",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483408"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "22",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "C2",_x000D_
  "title": "Mees Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Mees Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.32778",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483533"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "23",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E2",_x000D_
  "title": "Moench Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Moench Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.323695",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483471"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "24",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "G4",_x000D_
  "title": "Oakley Observatory",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Oakley Observatory</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.31616",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483789"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "25",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "D2",_x000D_
  "title": "Olin Hall and Olin Advanced Learning Center",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Olin Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.324550",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482796"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "26",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "C3",_x000D_
  "title": "Percopo Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Percopo Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.328182",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482121"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "27",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "G3",_x000D_
  "title": "Public Safety Office",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>The Office of Public Safety</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.320377",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.48191"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "28",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E2",_x000D_
  "title": "Rotz Mechanical Engineering Lab",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Rotz Lab</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.323247",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483711"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "28",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "C2",_x000D_
  "title": "Scharpenberg Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Scharpenberg Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.328139",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483582"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "29",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "G2",_x000D_
  "title": "Sigma Nu Fraternity",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>The Sigma Nu house</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.31999",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.48374"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "30",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E4",_x000D_
  "title": "South Campus / Rose-Hulman Ventures",_x000D_
  "description": "<p></p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.330623",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.417646"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "31",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "C3",_x000D_
  "title": "Speed Hall",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Speed Hall</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.326632",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482121"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "32",_x000D_
  "category": "3",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "C1",_x000D_
  "title": "Sports and Recreation Center",_x000D_
  "description": "<p></p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.3272",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484874"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "33",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F2",_x000D_
  "title": "Triangle Fraternity",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Triangle fraternity</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.32113",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483659"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "34",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "B3",_x000D_
  "title": "White Chapel",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>The White Chapel</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.329367",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482481"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "35",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F2",_x000D_
  "title": "Women's Fraternity Housing",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.320753",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482401"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "36",_x000D_
  "category": "3",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "E1",_x000D_
  "title": "Intramural Fields",_x000D_
  "description": "<p></p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.321267",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.485934"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "37",_x000D_
  "category": "3",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "A3",_x000D_
  "title": "James Rendel Soccer Field",_x000D_
  "description": "<p></p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.332135",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.480933"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "38",_x000D_
  "category": "3",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "B2",_x000D_
  "title": "Art Nehf Field",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>Art Nehf Field</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.330923",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.48022"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "39",_x000D_
  "category": "3",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "B2",_x000D_
  "title": "Women's Softball Field",_x000D_
  "description": "<p></p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.329904",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.480278"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "40",_x000D_
  "category": "3",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "D1",_x000D_
  "title": "Joy Hulbert Tennis Courts",_x000D_
  "description": "<p>The Joy Hulbert Outdoor Tennis Courts</p>",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.323767",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.485595"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "41",_x000D_
  "category": "6",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "B2",_x000D_
  "title": "Speed Lake",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.328134",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482779"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "42",_x000D_
  "category": "5",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F1",_x000D_
  "title": "Recycling Center",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.320098",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484593"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "43",_x000D_
  "category": "1",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "F3",_x000D_
  "title": "Army ROTC",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.321342",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.481992"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "44",_x000D_
  "category": "2",_x000D_
  "campus_location": "  ",_x000D_
  "title": "Self Made Man",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.326272",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484481"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P1",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "Percopo Parking",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.328756",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.481587"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P2",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "Speed Parking",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.327361",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.481694"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P3",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "Main Parking",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.326245",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.481446"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P4",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "Lakeside Parking",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.330848",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.483284"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P5",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "Hatfield Hall Parking",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.321417",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482398"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P6",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "Women's Fraternity Parking",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.320977",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.482315"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P7",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "Myers and Facilities Parking",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.322243",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.48417"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P8",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.323241",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484758"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P9",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.323617",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484311"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P10",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.325714",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484584"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P11",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.32778",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.484145"_x000D_
}, {_x000D_
  "id": "P12",_x000D_
  "category": "4",_x000D_
  "title": "",_x000D_
  "description": "",_x000D_
  "image": "",_x000D_
  "longitude": "-87.329035",_x000D_
  "latitude": "39.4848"_x000D_
for (i = 0; i < locations.length; i++) {_x000D_
  var marker = new google.maps.Marker({_x000D_
    position: new google.maps.LatLng(locations[i].latitude, locations[i].longitude),_x000D_
    title: locations[i].title,_x000D_
    map: map_x000D_
  google.maps.event.addListener(marker, 'click', (function(marker, i) {_x000D_
    return function() {_x000D_
      if (locations[i].description !== "" || locations[i].title !== "") {_x000D_
        infowindow.setContent('<div class="content" id="content-' + locations[i].id +_x000D_
          '" style="max-height:300px; font-size:12px;"><h3>' + locations[i].title + '</h3>' +_x000D_
          '<hr class="grey" />' +_x000D_
          hasImage(locations[i]) +_x000D_
          locations[i].description) + '</div>';_x000D_, marker);_x000D_
  })(marker, i));_x000D_
function toggleMarkers() {_x000D_
  for (i = 0; i < gmarkers.length; i++) {_x000D_
    if (gmarkers[i].getMap() != null) gmarkers[i].setMap(null);_x000D_
    else gmarkers[i].setMap(map);_x000D_
function hasImage(location) {_x000D_
  return '';_x000D_
#map {_x000D_
  height: 100%;_x000D_
  width: 100%;_x000D_
<script src=""></script>_x000D_
<script src=""></script>_x000D_
<div id="controls">_x000D_
  <input type="button" value="Toggle All Markers" onClick="toggleMarkers()" />_x000D_
<div id="map"></div>

Handle Button click inside a row in RecyclerView

You can check if you have any similar entries first, if you get a collection with size 0, start a new query to save.


more professional and faster way. create a cloud trigger (before save)

check out this answer

An internal error occurred during: "Updating Maven Project". Unsupported IClasspathEntry kind=4

Slightly different option usually works for me:

  1. "mvn eclipse:eclipse" for this project in the command line.
  2. "Refresh/F5" this project in eclipse.

That's all, no need to re-import but need to have the terminal window handy.

Why is SQL Server 2008 Management Studio Intellisense not working?

I've had the same problem too. Searched everywhere online and can't find a solution. I did install Redgate's SQL Prompt which functions similarly to Intellisense, so maybe there was a conflict. I've since stopped the Prompt from running, but now no intellisense at all. Using SQL Server 2008 will SQLCMD mode off, no luck at all. This has happened before, a reinstall of SQL Server was the only thing that I could get to work.

Javascript Confirm popup Yes, No button instead of OK and Cancel

you can use sweetalert.

import into your HTML:

<script src=""></script>

and to fire the alert:{
  title: 'Do you want to do this?',
  text: "You won't be able to revert this!",
  type: 'warning',
  showCancelButton: true,
  confirmButtonColor: '#3085d6',
  cancelButtonColor: '#d33',
  confirmButtonText: 'Yes, Do this!',
  cancelButtonText: 'No'
}).then((result) => {
  if (result.value) {
      'This has been done.',

for more data visit sweetalert alert website

Removing duplicates from a SQL query (not just "use distinct")

If I understand you correctly, you want a list of all pictures with the same name (and their different ids) such that their name occurs more than once in the table. I think this will do the trick:


I haven't executed it, so there may be a syntax error or two there.

Why do 64-bit DLLs go to System32 and 32-bit DLLs to SysWoW64 on 64-bit Windows?

System32 is where Windows historically placed all 32bit DLLs, and System was for the 16bit DLLs. When microsoft created the 64 bit OS, everyone I know of expected the files to reside under System64, but Microsoft decided it made more sense to put 64bit files under System32. The only reasoning I have been able to find, is that they wanted everything that was 32bit to work in a 64bit Windows w/o having to change anything in the programs -- just recompile, and it's done. The way they solved this, so that 32bit applications could still run, was to create a 32bit windows subsystem called Windows32 On Windows64. As such, the acronym SysWOW64 was created for the System directory of the 32bit subsystem. The Sys is short for System, and WOW64 is short for Windows32OnWindows64.
Since windows 16 is already segregated from Windows 32, there was no need for a Windows 16 On Windows 64 equivalence. Within the 32bit subsystem, when a program goes to use files from the system32 directory, they actually get the files from the SysWOW64 directory. But the process is flawed.

It's a horrible design. And in my experience, I had to do a lot more changes for writing 64bit applications, that simply changing the System32 directory to read System64 would have been a very small change, and one that pre-compiler directives are intended to handle.

How to evaluate a math expression given in string form?

You might have a look at the Symja framework:

ExprEvaluator util = new ExprEvaluator(); 
IExpr result = util.evaluate("10-40");
System.out.println(result.toString()); // -> "-30" 

Take note that definitively more complex expressions can be evaluated:

// D(...) gives the derivative of the function Sin(x)*Cos(x)
IAST function = D(Times(Sin(x), Cos(x)), x);
IExpr result = util.evaluate(function);
// print: Cos(x)^2-Sin(x)^2

set pythonpath before import statements

As also noted in the docs here.
Go to Python X.X/Lib and add these lines to the there,

import sys

This changes your sys.path so that on every load, it will have that value in it..

As stated here about,

This module is automatically imported during initialization. Importing this module will append site-specific paths to the module search path and add a few builtins.

For other possible methods of adding some path to sys.path see these docs

How to generate and auto increment Id with Entity Framework

You have a bad table design. You can't autoincrement a string, that doesn't make any sense. You have basically two options:

1.) change type of ID to int instead of string
2.) not recommended!!! - handle autoincrement by yourself. You first need to get the latest value from the database, parse it to the integer, increment it and attach it to the entity as a string again. VERY BAD idea

First option requires to change every table that has a reference to this table, BUT it's worth it.

Change background colour for Visual Studio

Tools --> Options --> Environment --> Fonts and Colors

The following sections have been defined but have not been rendered for the layout page "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml": "Scripts"

I'm not sure why the accepted answer was accepted if the suggested solution did not and does not solve the issue. There can actually be two related issues related to this topic.

Issue #1

The master page (e.g. _Layout.cshtml) has a section defined and it is required but the inheriting views did not implement it. For example,

The Layout Template

    @* Visible only to admin users *@
    <div id="option_box"> 
        @* this section is required due to the absence of the second parameter *@

The Inheriting View

No need to show any code, just consider that there is no implementation of @section OptionBox {} on the view.

The Error for Issue #1

Section not defined: "OptionBox ".

Issue #2

The master page (e.g. _Layout.cshtml) has a section defined and it is required AND the inheriting view did implement it. However, the implementing view have additional script sections that are not defined on (any of) its master page(s).

The Layout Template

same as above

The Inheriting View

  <p>Looks like the Lakers can still make it to the playoffs</p>
@section OptionBox {
<a href"">Go and reserve playoff tickets now</a>
@section StatsBox {
    <li>1. San Antonio</li>
    <li>8. L. A. Lakers</li>

The Error for Issue #2

The following sections have been defined but have not been rendered for the layout page "~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml": "StatsBox"

The OP's issue is similar to Issue #2 and the accepted answer is for Issue #1.

How do I put variable values into a text string in MATLAB?

I just realized why I was having so much trouble - in MATLAB you can't store strings of different lengths as an array using square brackets. Using square brackets concatenates strings of varying lengths into a single character array.

    >> a=['matlab','is','fun']

a =


>> size(a)

ans =

     1    11

In a character array, each character in a string counts as one element, which explains why the size of a is 1X11.

To store strings of varying lengths as elements of an array, you need to use curly braces to save as a cell array. In cell arrays, each string is treated as a separate element, regardless of length.

>> a={'matlab','is','fun'}

a = 

    'matlab'    'is'    'fun'

>> size(a)

ans =

     1     3

Decimal number regular expression, where digit after decimal is optional


clean and simple.

This uses Suffix and Prefix, RegEx features.

It directly returns true - false for IsMatch condition

How do you implement a Stack and a Queue in JavaScript?

Javascript has push and pop methods, which operate on ordinary Javascript array objects.

For queues, look here:

Queues can be implemented in JavaScript using either the push and shift methods or unshift and pop methods of the array object. Although this is a simple way to implement queues, it is very inefficient for large queues — because of the methods operate on arrays, the shift and unshift methods move every element in the array each time they are called.

Queue.js is a simple and efficient queue implementation for JavaScript whose dequeue function runs in amortized constant time. As a result, for larger queues, it can be significantly faster than using arrays.

"E: Unable to locate package python-pip" on Ubuntu 18.04

Try following command sequence on Ubuntu terminal:

sudo apt-get install software-properties-common
sudo apt-add-repository universe
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install python-pip

How do you right-justify text in an HTML textbox?

Using inline styles:

<input type="text" style="text-align: right"/>

or, put it in a style sheet, like so:

   .rightJustified {
        text-align: right;

and reference the class:

<input type="text" class="rightJustified"/>

How to create text file and insert data to that file on Android

Using this code you can write to a text file in the SDCard. Along with it, you need to set a permission in the Android Manifest.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE" />

This is the code :

public void generateNoteOnSD(Context context, String sFileName, String sBody) {
    try {
        File root = new File(Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(), "Notes");
        if (!root.exists()) {
        File gpxfile = new File(root, sFileName);
        FileWriter writer = new FileWriter(gpxfile);
        Toast.makeText(context, "Saved", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
    } catch (IOException e) {

Before writing files you must also check whether your SDCard is mounted & the external storage state is writable.


How to get second-highest salary employees in a table

for nth highest salary. its easy way

from (select name,sal,dense_rank() over (order by sal desc) as rank from emp) t
where t.rank=6; //suppose i find 6th highest salary

Android Overriding onBackPressed()

Just use the following code with initializing a field

private int count = 0;
public void onBackPressed() {
    if (count >=1) {
        /* If count is greater than 1 ,you can either move to the next 
        activity or just quit. */
        Intent intent = new Intent(this, SecondActivity.class);
        (R.anim.push_left_in, R.anim.push_left_out);
        /* Quitting */
    } else {
        Toast.makeText(this, "Press back again to Leave!", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();

        // resetting the counter in 2s
        Handler handler = new Handler();
        handler.postDelayed(new Runnable() {
            public void run() {
                count = 0;
        }, 2000);

What is the difference between canonical name, simple name and class name in Java Class?

It is interesting to note that getCanonicalName() and getSimpleName() can raise InternalError when the class name is malformed. This happens for some non-Java JVM languages, e.g., Scala.

Consider the following (Scala 2.11 on Java 8):

scala> case class C()
defined class C

scala> val c = C()
c: C = C()

scala> c.getClass.getSimpleName
java.lang.InternalError: Malformed class name
  at java.lang.Class.getSimpleName(
  ... 32 elided

scala> c.getClass.getCanonicalName
java.lang.InternalError: Malformed class name
  at java.lang.Class.getSimpleName(
  at java.lang.Class.getCanonicalName(
  ... 32 elided

scala> c.getClass.getName
res2: String = C

This can be a problem for mixed language environments or environments that dynamically load bytecode, e.g., app servers and other platform software.

How to automatically close cmd window after batch file execution?

Sometimes you can reference a Windows "shortcut" file to launch an application instead of using a ".bat" file, and it won't have the residual prompt problem. But it's not as flexible as bat files.

Python: Find a substring in a string and returning the index of the substring

Ideally you would use str.find or str.index like demented hedgehog said. But you said you can't ...

Your problem is your code searches only for the first character of your search string which(the first one) is at index 2.

You are basically saying if char[0] is in s, increment index until ch == char[0] which returned 3 when I tested it but it was still wrong. Here's a way to do it.

def find_str(s, char):
    index = 0

    if char in s:
        c = char[0]
        for ch in s:
            if ch == c:
                if s[index:index+len(char)] == char:
                    return index

            index += 1

    return -1

print(find_str("Happy birthday", "py"))
print(find_str("Happy birthday", "rth"))
print(find_str("Happy birthday", "rh"))

It produced the following output:


How to unlock a file from someone else in Team Foundation Server

I solved this with the TFS powertools (dec 2011 - for VS 2010 TFS 2010)

Find in Source Control | Status... allows you to find all files checked out to a specific person

right click and UNDO... can remove each checkout.

Detect HTTP or HTTPS then force HTTPS in JavaScript

Not a Javascript way to answer this but if you use CloudFlare you can write page rules that redirect the user much faster to HTTPS and it's free. Looks like this in CloudFlare's Page Rules:

enter image description here

ffprobe or avprobe not found. Please install one

This is so simple if on windows...

In the folder where you have youtube-dl.exe


download the ffmpeg-git-full.7z file the download link is

Open that zip file and move the ffmpeg.exe file to the same folder where youtube-dl.exe is

Example "blahblah.7z / whatevertherootfolderis / bin / ffmpeg.exe"

youtube-dl.exe -x --audio-format mp3 -o %(title)s.%(ext)s

Builder Pattern in Effective Java

You are trying access a non-static class in a static way. Change Builder to static class Builder and it should work.

The example usage you give fails because there is no instance of Builder present. A static class for all practical purposes is always instantiated. If you don't make it static, you'd need to say:

Widget = new Widget.Builder(10).setparm1(1).setparm2(3).build();

Because you would need to construct a new Builder every time.

How much data / information can we save / store in a QR code?

QR codes have three parameters: Datatype, size (number of 'pixels') and error correction level. How much information can be stored there also depends on these parameters. For example the lower the error correction level, the more information that can be stored, but the harder the code is to recognize for readers.

The maximum size and the lowest error correction give the following values:
Numeric only Max. 7,089 characters
Alphanumeric Max. 4,296 characters
Binary/byte Max. 2,953 characters (8-bit bytes)

405 method not allowed Web API

We had a similar issue. We were trying to GET from:

public class CarController: ApiController{

    public virtual async Task<ActionResult> GetAll(){



So we would .GET("/api/car") and this would throw a 405 error.

The Fix:

The CarController.cs file was in the directory /api/car so when we were requesting this api endpoint, IIS would send back an error because it looked like we were trying to access a virtual directory that we were not allowed to.

Option 1: change / rename the directory the controller is in
Option 2: change the route prefix to something that doesn't match the virtual directory.

Is there a way to do repetitive tasks at intervals?

How about something like

package main

import (

func schedule(what func(), delay time.Duration) chan bool {
    stop := make(chan bool)

    go func() {
        for {
            select {
            case <-time.After(delay):
            case <-stop:

    return stop

func main() {
    ping := func() { fmt.Println("#") }

    stop := schedule(ping, 5*time.Millisecond)
    time.Sleep(25 * time.Millisecond)
    stop <- true
    time.Sleep(25 * time.Millisecond)



String to date in Oracle with milliseconds

I don't think you can use fractional seconds with to_date or the DATE type in Oracle. I think you need to_timestamp which returns a TIMESTAMP type.

Remove All Event Listeners of Specific Type

I know this is old, but I had a similar issue with no real answers, where I wanted to remove all keydown event listeners from the document. Instead of removing them, I override the addEventListener to ignore them before they were even added, similar to Toms answer above, by adding this before any other scripts are loaded:

<script type="text/javascript">
    var current = document.addEventListener;
    document.addEventListener = function (type, listener) {
        if(type =="keydown")
            //do nothing
            var args = [];
            args[0] = type;
            args[1] = listener;
            current.apply(this, args);

Py_Initialize fails - unable to load the file system codec

For those working in Visual Studio simply add the include, Lib and libs directories to the Include Directories and Library Directories under Projects Properties -> Configuration Properties > VC++ Directories :

For example I have Anaconda3 on my system and working with Visual Studio 2015 This is how the settings looks like (note the Include and Library directories) : enter image description here


As also pointed out by bossi setting PYTHONPATH in your user Environment Variables section seems necessary. a sample input can be like this (in my case):


is necessary it seems.

Also, you need to restart Visual Studio after you set up the PYTHONPATH in your user Environment Variables for the changes to take effect.

Also note that :

Make sure the PYTHONHOME environment variable is set to the Python interpreter you want to use. The C++ projects in Visual Studio rely on this variable to locate files such as python.h, which are used when creating a Python extension.

How can I use onItemSelected in Android?

I think this will benefit you Try this I'm using to change the language in my application

String[] districts;
Spinner sp;


 sp = (Spinner) findViewById(;
         districts = getResources().getStringArray(R.array.lang_array);
         ArrayAdapter<String> adapter = new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, android.R.layout.simple_spinner_item,districts);
         sp.setOnItemSelectedListener(new AdapterView.OnItemSelectedListener() {
             public void onItemSelected(AdapterView<?> arg0, View arg1, int position, long arg3) {
                  // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                  int index = arg0.getSelectedItemPosition();
                  Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), "You select "+districts[index]+" id "+position, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
                      case 0:
                      case 1:
                      case 2:
                      default: //For all other cases, do this
            public void onNothingSelected(AdapterView<?> arg0) {
                   // TODO Auto-generated method stub

and this is my String Array

<string-array name="lang_array">

Can we install Android OS on any Windows Phone and vice versa, and same with iPhone and vice versa?

Ok, For installing Android on Windows phone, I think you can..(But your window phone has required configuration to run Android) (For other I don't know If I will then surely post here)

Just go through these links,

Run Android on Your Windows Mobile Phone

full tutorial on how to put android on windows mobile touch pro 2

How to install Android on most Windows Mobile phones


For Windows 7 to Android device, this also possible, (You need to do some hack for this)

Just go through these links,

Install Windows Phone 7 Mango on HTC HD2 [How-To Guide]

HTC HD2: How To Install WP7 (Windows Phone 7) & MAGLDR 1.13 To NAND

Install windows phone 7 on android and iphones | Tips and Tricks

How to install Windows Phone 7 on HTC HD2? (Video)

To Install Android on your iOS Devices (This also possible...)

Look at How To Install Android on your iOS Devices

Android 2.2 Froyo running on Iphone

Generate random int value from 3 to 6

I see you have added an answer to your question in SQL Server 2008 you can also do

SELECT 3 + CRYPT_GEN_RANDOM(1) % 4 /*Random number between 3 and 6*/ 
FROM ...

A couple of disadvantages of this method are

  1. This is slower than the NEWID() method
  2. Even though it is evaluated once per row the query optimiser does not realise this which can lead to odd results.

but just thought I'd add it as another option.

How to consume a webApi from Web API to store result in database?

In this tutorial is explained how to consume a web api with C#, in this example a console application is used, but you can also use another web api to consume of course.

You should have a look at the HttpClient

HttpClient client = new HttpClient();
client.BaseAddress = new Uri("http://localhost/yourwebapi");

Make sure your requests ask for the response in JSON using the Accept header like this:

new MediaTypeWithQualityHeaderValue("application/json"));

Now comes the part that differs from the tutorial, make sure you have the same objects as the other WEB API, if not, then you have to map the objects to your own objects. ASP.NET will convert the JSON you receive to the object you want it to be.

HttpResponseMessage response = client.GetAsync("api/yourcustomobjects").Result;
if (response.IsSuccessStatusCode)
    var yourcustomobjects = response.Content.ReadAsAsync<IEnumerable<YourCustomObject>>().Result;
    foreach (var x in yourcustomobjects)
        //Call your store method and pass in your own object
    //Something has gone wrong, handle it here

please note that I use .Result for the case of the example. You should consider using the async await pattern here.

Loop Through Each HTML Table Column and Get the Data using jQuery

You can try with textContent.

var productId = val[key].textContent;

Remove multiple items from a Python list in just one statement

I don't know why everyone forgot to mention the amazing capability of sets in python. You can simply cast your list into a set and then remove whatever you want to remove in a simple expression like so:

>>> item_list = ['item', 5, 'foo', 3.14, True]
>>> item_list = set(item_list) - {'item', 5}
>>> item_list
{True, 3.14, 'foo'}
>>> # you can cast it again in a list-from like so
>>> item_list = list(item_list)
>>> item_list
[True, 3.14, 'foo']

How to turn on/off MySQL strict mode in localhost (xampp)?

on server console:

$ mysql -u root -p -e "SET GLOBAL sql_mode = 'NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION';" 

Last segment of URL in jquery

you can first remove if there is / at the end and then get last part of url

let locationLastPart = window.location.pathname
if (locationLastPart.substring(locationLastPart.length-1) == "/") {
  locationLastPart = locationLastPart.substring(0, locationLastPart.length-1);
locationLastPart = locationLastPart.substr(locationLastPart.lastIndexOf('/') + 1);

Finding first and last index of some value in a list in Python

As a small helper function:

def rindex(mylist, myvalue):
    return len(mylist) - mylist[::-1].index(myvalue) - 1

How to add AUTO_INCREMENT to an existing column?

I had existing data in the first column and they were 0's. First I made the first column nullable. Then I set the data for the column to null. Then I set the column as an index. Then I made it a primary key with auto incrementing turned on. This is where I used another persons answer above:

ALTER TABLE `table_name` CHANGE COLUMN `colum_name` `colum_name` INT(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT FIRST;

This Added numbers to all the rows of this table starting at one. If I ran the above code first it wasn't working because all the values were 0's. And making it an index was also required before making it auto incrementing. Next I made the column a primary key.

How do I convert uint to int in C#?

Assuming you want to simply lift the 32bits from one type and dump them as-is into the other type:

uint asUint = unchecked((uint)myInt);
int asInt = unchecked((int)myUint);

The destination type will blindly pick the 32 bits and reinterpret them.

Conversely if you're more interested in keeping the decimal/numerical values within the range of the destination type itself:

uint asUint = checked((uint)myInt);
int asInt = checked((int)myUint);

In this case, you'll get overflow exceptions if:

  • casting a negative int (eg: -1) to an uint
  • casting a positive uint between 2,147,483,648 and 4,294,967,295 to an int

In our case, we wanted the unchecked solution to preserve the 32bits as-is, so here are some examples:


int => uint

int....: 0000000000 (00-00-00-00)
asUint.: 0000000000 (00-00-00-00)
int....: 0000000001 (01-00-00-00)
asUint.: 0000000001 (01-00-00-00)
int....: -0000000001 (FF-FF-FF-FF)
asUint.: 4294967295 (FF-FF-FF-FF)
int....: 2147483647 (FF-FF-FF-7F)
asUint.: 2147483647 (FF-FF-FF-7F)
int....: -2147483648 (00-00-00-80)
asUint.: 2147483648 (00-00-00-80)

uint => int

uint...: 0000000000 (00-00-00-00)
asInt..: 0000000000 (00-00-00-00)
uint...: 0000000001 (01-00-00-00)
asInt..: 0000000001 (01-00-00-00)
uint...: 2147483647 (FF-FF-FF-7F)
asInt..: 2147483647 (FF-FF-FF-7F)
uint...: 4294967295 (FF-FF-FF-FF)
asInt..: -0000000001 (FF-FF-FF-FF)


int[] testInts = { 0, 1, -1, int.MaxValue, int.MinValue };
uint[] testUints = { uint.MinValue, 1, uint.MaxValue / 2, uint.MaxValue };

foreach (var Int in testInts)
    uint asUint = unchecked((uint)Int);
    Console.WriteLine("int....: {0:D10} ({1})", Int, BitConverter.ToString(BitConverter.GetBytes(Int)));
    Console.WriteLine("asUint.: {0:D10} ({1})", asUint, BitConverter.ToString(BitConverter.GetBytes(asUint)));
    Console.WriteLine(new string('-',30));
Console.WriteLine(new string('=', 30));
foreach (var Uint in testUints)
    int asInt = unchecked((int)Uint);
    Console.WriteLine("uint...: {0:D10} ({1})", Uint, BitConverter.ToString(BitConverter.GetBytes(Uint)));
    Console.WriteLine("asInt..: {0:D10} ({1})", asInt, BitConverter.ToString(BitConverter.GetBytes(asInt)));
    Console.WriteLine(new string('-', 30));

exit application when click button - iOS

You can use exit method to quit an ios app :


You should say same alert message and ask him to quit

Another way is by using [[NSThread mainThread] exit]

However you should not do this way

According to Apple, your app should not terminate on its own. Since the user did not hit the Home button, any return to the Home screen gives the user the impression that your app crashed. This is confusing, non-standard behavior and should be avoided.

How to get a thread and heap dump of a Java process on Windows that's not running in a console

You have to redirect output from second java executable to some file. Then, use SendSignal to send "-3" to your second process.

Multi-threading in VBA

Sub MultiProcessing_Principle()
    Dim k As Long, j As Long
    k = Environ("NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS")
    For j = 1 To k
        Shellm "msaccess", "C:\Autoexec.mdb"
End Sub

Private Sub Shellm(a As String, b As String) ' Shell modificirani
    Const sn As String = """"
    Const r As String = """ """
    Shell sn & a & r & b & sn, vbMinimizedNoFocus
End Sub

How to calculate a mod b in Python?

Why don't you use % ?

print 4 % 2 # 0

JavaScript: function returning an object

In JavaScript, most functions are both callable and instantiable: they have both a [[Call]] and [[Construct]] internal methods.

As callable objects, you can use parentheses to call them, optionally passing some arguments. As a result of the call, the function can return a value.

var player = makeGamePlayer("John Smith", 15, 3);

The code above calls function makeGamePlayer and stores the returned value in the variable player. In this case, you may want to define the function like this:

function makeGamePlayer(name, totalScore, gamesPlayed) {
  // Define desired object
  var obj = {
    name:  name,
    totalScore: totalScore,
    gamesPlayed: gamesPlayed
  // Return it
  return obj;

Additionally, when you call a function you are also passing an additional argument under the hood, which determines the value of this inside the function. In the case above, since makeGamePlayer is not called as a method, the this value will be the global object in sloppy mode, or undefined in strict mode.

As constructors, you can use the new operator to instantiate them. This operator uses the [[Construct]] internal method (only available in constructors), which does something like this:

  1. Creates a new object which inherits from the .prototype of the constructor
  2. Calls the constructor passing this object as the this value
  3. It returns the value returned by the constructor if it's an object, or the object created at step 1 otherwise.
var player = new GamePlayer("John Smith", 15, 3);

The code above creates an instance of GamePlayer and stores the returned value in the variable player. In this case, you may want to define the function like this:

function GamePlayer(name,totalScore,gamesPlayed) {
  // `this` is the instance which is currently being created =  name;
  this.totalScore = totalScore;
  this.gamesPlayed = gamesPlayed;
  // No need to return, but you can use `return this;` if you want

By convention, constructor names begin with an uppercase letter.

The advantage of using constructors is that the instances inherit from GamePlayer.prototype. Then, you can define properties there and make them available in all instances

How to convert SQL Server's timestamp column to datetime format

Why not try FROM_UNIXTIME(unix_timestamp, format)?

What is the difference between Set and List?


Lists generally allow duplicate objects. Lists must be ordered, and are therefore accessible by index.

Implementation classes include: ArrayList, LinkedList, Vector


Sets do not allow duplicate objects. Most implementations are unordered, but it is implementation specific.

Implementation classes include: HashSet (unordered), LinkedHashSet (ordered), TreeSet (ordered by natural order or by provided comparator)

Where is GACUTIL for .net Framework 4.0 in windows 7?

VS 2012/13 Win 7 64 bit gacutil.exe is located in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft SDKs\Windows\v8.0A\bin\NETFX 4.0 Tools

Google Colab: how to read data from my google drive?

Most of the previous answers are a bit(Very) complicated,

from google.colab import drive
drive.mount("/content/drive", force_remount=True)

I figured out this to be the easiest and fastest way to mount google drive into CO Lab, You can change the mount directory location to what ever you want by just changing the parameter for drive.mount. It will give you a link to accept the permissions with your account and then you have to copy paste the key generated and then drive will be mounted in the selected path.

force_remount is used only when you have to mount the drive irrespective of whether its loaded previously.You can neglect this when parameter if you don't want to force mount

Edit: Check this out to find more ways of doing the IO operations in colab

Vertically align text within a div

I know it’s totally stupid and you normally really shouldn’t use tables when not creating tables, but:

Table cells can align multiple lines of text vertically centered and even do this by default. So a solution which works quite fine could be something like this:


<div class="box">
  <table class="textalignmiddle">
      <td>lorem ipsum ...</td>

CSS (make the table item always fit to the box div):

.box {
  /* For example */
  height: 300px;

.textalignmiddle {
  width: 100%;
  height: 100%;

See here:

Using jQuery UI sortable with HTML tables

You can call sortable on a <tbody> instead of on the individual rows.



$(function() {_x000D_
  $( "tbody" ).sortable();_x000D_
table {_x000D_
    border-spacing: collapse;_x000D_
    border-spacing: 0;_x000D_
td {_x000D_
    width: 50px;_x000D_
    height: 25px;_x000D_
    border: 1px solid black;_x000D_
<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">_x000D_
<script src="//"></script>_x000D_
<script src="//"></script>_x000D_
        <tr> _x000D_
            <td>9</td> _x000D_
        </tr>  _x000D_
    </tbody>    _x000D_

How to select some rows with specific rownames from a dataframe?

You can also use this:

DF[paste0("stu",c(2,3,5,9)), ]

How to get First and Last record from a sql query?

You might want to try this, could potentially be faster than doing two queries:

select <some columns>
from (
    SELECT <some columns>,
           row_number() over (order by date desc) as rn,
           count(*) over () as total_count
    FROM mytable
    <maybe some joins here>
    WHERE <various conditions>
) t
where rn = 1
   or rn = total_count

How to convert TimeStamp to Date in Java?

String timestamp="";
Date temp=null;
try {
    temp = new SimpleDateFormat("yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss").parse(getDateCurrentTimeZone(Long.parseLong(timestamp)));
} catch (ParseException e) {
    // TODO Auto-generated catch block
int dayMonth=temp.getDate();
int dayWeek=temp.getDay();
int hour=temp.getHours();
int minute=temp.getMinutes();
int month=temp.getMonth()+1;
int year=temp.getYear()+1900;

disable editing default value of text input

You can either use the readonly or the disabled attribute. Note that when disabled, the input's value will not be submitted when submitting the form.

<input id="price_to" value="price to" readonly="readonly">
<input id="price_to" value="price to" disabled="disabled">

npm install -g less does not work: EACCES: permission denied

Another option is to download and install a new version using an installer.

Apply CSS style attribute dynamically in Angular JS

On a generic note, you can use a combination of ng-if and ng-style incorporate conditional changes with change in background image.

<span ng-if=""
                'background-size':'52px 57px',
                'background-position': 'center'}">
 <span ng-if="selectedItem!"
                'background-size':'52px 57px',
                'background-position': 'center'}">

ADB Android Device Unauthorized

This solved my issue!

  1. run your android simulator
  2. go to setting and enable developer mode
  3. enable from the developer settings usb debugging

at this point you will get popup massage at you emulator to authorise the device and you are good to go :)

How do I use jQuery to redirect?

Via Jquery:


Path.Combine for URLs?

If you don't want to add a third-party dependency such as Flurl or create a custom extension method, in ASP.NET Core (also available in Microsoft.Owin), you can use PathString which is intended for the purpose of building up URI paths. You can then create your full URI using a combination of this, Uri and UriBuilder.

In this case, it would be:

new Uri(new UriBuilder("http", "").Uri, new PathString("/Images").Add("/Image.jpg").ToString())

This gives you all the constituent parts without having to specify the separators in the base URL. Unfortunately, PathString requires that / is prepended to each string otherwise it in fact throws an ArgumentException! But at least you can build up your URI deterministically in a way that is easily unit-testable.

What is the unix command to see how much disk space there is and how much is remaining?

I love doing du -sh * | sort -nr | less to sort by the largest files first

How to save and load cookies using Python + Selenium WebDriver

You can save the current cookies as a Python object using pickle. For example:

import pickle
import selenium.webdriver

driver = selenium.webdriver.Firefox()
pickle.dump( driver.get_cookies() , open("cookies.pkl","wb"))

And later to add them back:

import pickle
import selenium.webdriver

driver = selenium.webdriver.Firefox()
cookies = pickle.load(open("cookies.pkl", "rb"))
for cookie in cookies:

What's an object file in C?

Object files are codes that are dependent on functions, symbols, and text to run the program. Just like old telex machines, which required teletyping to send signals to other telex machine.

In the same way processor's require binary code to run, object files are like binary code but not linked. Linking creates additional files so that the user does not have to have compile the C language themselves. Users can directly open the exe file once the object file is linked with some compiler like c language , or vb etc.

$_POST not working. "Notice: Undefined index: username..."

You should check if the POST['username'] is defined. Use this above:

$username = "";

    $username = $_POST['username'];

"SELECT password FROM users WHERE username='".$username."'"

Simple excel find and replace for formulas

It turns out that the solution was to switch to R1C1 Cell Reference. My worksheet was structured in such a way that every formula had the same structure just different references. Luck though, they were always positioned the same way








In R1C1 Reference, every formula was identical so the find and replace required no wildcards. Thank you to those who answered!

Indirectly referenced from required .class file

I was getting this error:

The type cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

Doing the following fixed it for me:

Properties -> Java build path -> Libraries -> Server Library[wps.base.v61]unbound -> Websphere Portal v6.1 on WAS 7 -> Finish -> OK

Image vs Bitmap class

The Bitmap class is an implementation of the Image class. The Image class is an abstract class;

The Bitmap class contains 12 constructors that construct the Bitmap object from different parameters. It can construct the Bitmap from another bitmap, and the string address of the image.

See more in this comprehensive sample.

Maximum call stack size exceeded error

Nearly every answer here states that this can only be caused by an infinite loop. That's not true, you could otherwise over-run the stack through deeply nested calls (not to say that's efficient, but it's certainly in the realm of possible). If you have control of your JavaScript VM, you can adjust the stack size. For example:

node --stack-size=2000

See also: How can I increase the maximum call stack size in Node.js

How to get a responsive button in bootstrap 3

In some cases it's very useful to change font-size with relative font sizing units. For example:

.btn {font-size: 3vw;}


1vw is 1% of the viewport width. More info:

How does one capture a Mac's command key via JavaScript?

var element = //the DOM element to listen for the key on.
element.onkeyup = function(e) {
   if(e.metaKey) {
      //command key was pressed

How to make Visual Studio copy a DLL file to the output directory?

Use a post-build action in your project, and add the commands to copy the offending DLL. The post-build action are written as a batch script.

The output directory can be referenced as $(OutDir). The project directory is available as $(ProjDir). Try to use relative pathes where applicable, so that you can copy or move your project folder without breaking the post-build action.

Using .text() to retrieve only text not nested in child tags

This seems like a case of overusing jquery to me. The following will grab the text ignoring the other nodes:


You'll need to trim that but it gets you what you want in one, easy line.


The above will get the text node. To get the actual text, use this:


Where are logs located?

In Laravel 6, by default the logs are in:


Django: multiple models in one template using forms

According to Django documentation, inline formsets are for this purpose: "Inline formsets is a small abstraction layer on top of model formsets. These simplify the case of working with related objects via a foreign key".


How do I calculate the percentage of a number?

$percentage = 50;
$totalWidth = 350;

$new_width = ($percentage / 100) * $totalWidth;

How do I send email with JavaScript without opening the mail client?

Well, PHP can do this easily.

It can be done with the PHP mail() function. Here's what a simple function would look like:

$to_email = '[email protected]';
$subject = 'Testing PHP Mail';
$message = 'This mail is sent using the PHP mail function';
$headers = 'From: [email protected]';

This will send a background e-mail to the recipient specified in the $to_email.

The above example uses hard coded values in the source code for the email address and other details for simplicity.

Let’s assume you have to create a contact us form for users fill in the details and then submit.

  1. Users can accidently or intentional inject code in the headers which can result in sending spam mail
  2. To protect your system from such attacks, you can create a custom function that sanitizes and validates the values before the mail is sent.

Let’s create a custom function that validates and sanitizes the email address using the filter_var() built in function.

Here's an example code:

function sanitize_my_email($field) {
    $field = filter_var($field, FILTER_SANITIZE_EMAIL);
    if (filter_var($field, FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL)) {
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;
$to_email = '[email protected]';
$subject = 'Testing PHP Mail';
$message = 'This mail is sent using the PHP mail ';
$headers = 'From: [email protected]';
//check if the email address is invalid $secure_check
$secure_check = sanitize_my_email($to_email);
if ($secure_check == false) {
    echo "Invalid input";
} else { //send email 
    mail($to_email, $subject, $message, $headers);
    echo "This email is sent using PHP Mail";

We will now let this be a separate PHP file, for example sendmail.php.

Then, will use this file on form submission, using the action attribute of the form, like:

<form action="sendmail.php" method="post">
   <input type="text" value="Your Name: ">
   <input type="password" value="Set Up A Passworrd">
   <input type="submit" value="Signup">
   <input type="reset" value="Reset Form">

Hope I could help

How do you set the document title in React?

In React 16.13, you can set it directly inside the render function:

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

class App extends React.Component {
    render() {
        document.title = 'wow'
        return <p>Hello</p>

    <App />,

For function component:

function App() {
    document.title = 'wow'
    return <p>Hello</p>

jQuery - Detecting if a file has been selected in the file input

I'd suggest try the change event? test to see if it has a value if it does then you can continue with your code. jQuery has

.bind("change", function(){ ... });


.change(function(){ ... }); 

which are equivalents.

for a unique selector change your name attribute to id and then jQuery("#imafile") or a general jQuery('input[type="file"]') for all the file inputs

Format telephone and credit card numbers in AngularJS

Try using phoneformat.js (, you can not only format phone number based on user locales (en-US, ja-JP, fr-FR, de-DE etc) but it also validates the phone number. Its very robust library based on googles libphonenumber project.

How to implement linear interpolation?

import scipy.interpolate
y_interp = scipy.interpolate.interp1d(x, y)
print y_interp(5.0)

scipy.interpolate.interp1d does linear interpolation by and can be customized to handle error conditions.

How can I get the actual video URL of a YouTube live stream?

Yes this is possible Since the question is update, this solution can only gives you the embed url not the HLS url, check @JAL answer. with the ressource search.list and the parameters:

* part: id
* channelId: UCURGpU4lj3dat246rysrWsw
* eventType: live
* type: video

Request :



 "items": [
   "kind": "youtube#searchResult",
   "etag": "\"DsOZ7qVJA4mxdTxZeNzis6uE6ck/enc3-yCp8APGcoiU_KH-mSKr4Yo\"",
   "id": {
    "kind": "youtube#video",
    "videoId": "WVZpCdHq3Qg"

Then get the videoID value WVZpCdHq3Qg for example and add the value to this url: + videoID + videoID

Multiple "order by" in LINQ

This should work for you:

var movies = _db.Movies.OrderBy(c => c.Category).ThenBy(n => n.Name)

batch file to copy files to another location?

robocopy yourfolder yourdestination /MON:0

should do it, although you may need some more options. The switch at the end will re-run robocopy if more than 0 changes are seen.

Regex to check whether a string contains only numbers

var validation = {
    isEmailAddress:function(str) {
        var pattern =/^\w+([\.-]?\w+)*@\w+([\.-]?\w+)*(\.\w{2,3})+$/;
        return pattern.test(str);  // returns a boolean
    isNotEmpty:function (str) {
        var pattern =/\S+/;
        return pattern.test(str);  // returns a boolean
    isNumber:function(str) {
        var pattern = /^\d+$/;
        return pattern.test(str);  // returns a boolean
        return str1 === str2;

alert(validation.isEmailAddress("[email protected]"));

concat yesterdays date with a specific time

where date_dt = to_date(to_char(sysdate-1, 'YYYY-MM-DD') || ' 19:16:08', 'YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') 

should work.

Can I add a UNIQUE constraint to a PostgreSQL table, after it's already created?

If you had a table that already had a existing constraints based on lets say: name and lastname and you wanted to add one more unique constraint, you had to drop the entire constrain by:

ALTER TABLE your_table DROP CONSTRAINT constraint_name;

Make sure tha the new constraint you wanted to add is unique/ not null ( if its Microsoft Sql, it can contain only one null value) across all data on that table, and then you could re-create it.

ALTER TABLE table_name
ADD CONSTRAINT constraint_name UNIQUE (column1, column2, ... column_n);

How to implement an android:background that doesn't stretch?

You can use a FrameLayout with an ImageView as the first child, then your normal layout as the second child:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>





Regular expression which matches a pattern, or is an empty string

An alternative would be to place your regexp in non-capturing parentheses. Then make that expression optional using the ? qualifier, which will look for 0 (i.e. empty string) or 1 instances of the non-captured group.

For example:

/(?: some regexp )?/

In your case the regular expression would look something like this:


No | "or" operator necessary!

Here is the Mozilla documentation for JavaScript Regular Expression syntax.

jQuery click events firing multiple times

In my case I was using 'delegate', so none of these solutions worked. I believe it was the button appearing multiple times via ajax calls that was causing the multiple click issue. The solutions was using a timeout so only the last click is recognized:

var t;
$('body').delegate( '.mybutton', 'click', function(){
    // clear the timeout
    // Delay the actionable script by 500ms
    t = setTimeout( function(){
        // do something here

How to implement DrawerArrowToggle from Android appcompat v7 21 library

I want to correct little bit the above code

    public class MainActivity extends ActionBarActivity {
        protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {

        Toolbar mToolbar = (Toolbar) findViewById(;
        DrawerLayout mDrawerLayout = (DrawerLayout) findViewById(;
        ActionBarDrawerToggle mDrawerToggle = new ActionBarDrawerToggle(
            this,  mDrawerLayout, mToolbar,
            R.string.navigation_drawer_open, R.string.navigation_drawer_close


and all the other things will remain same...

For those who are having problem Drawerlayout overlaying toolbar

add android:layout_marginTop="?attr/actionBarSize" to root layout of drawer content

Android - Set text to TextView

I had a similar problem. It turns out I had two TextView objects with the same ID. They were in different view files and so Eclipse did not give me an error. Try to rename your id in the TextView and see if that does not fix your problem.

Oracle JDBC intermittent Connection Issue

A "connection reset" error message generally means that the other side has aborted the connection during the attempt to create a connection (the handshake). This has a lot of possible causes. A bug in the JDBC driver, a timeout at the DB side, a restart of the database, the DB being run out of available connections, poor network quality, bad virusscanner/firewall/proxy, etc.

As it happens intermittely, a bug in the JDBC driver can be less or more excluded. Left behind the remaining possible causes. I suggest to start with looking in the logs of the DB server.

IPython Notebook save location

If you're using IPython 4.x/Jupyter, run

$ jupyter notebook --generate-config

This will create a file in ~/.jupyter. This file already has a line starting with # c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir=u''.

All you need to do is to uncomment this line and change the value to your desired location, e.g., c.NotebookApp.notebook_dir=u'/home/alice/my_ipython_notebooks'

Count number of lines in a git repository

I did this:

git ls-files | xargs file | grep "ASCII" | cut -d : -f 1 | xargs wc -l

this works if you count all text files in the repository as the files of interest. If some are considered documentation, etc, an exclusion filter can be added.

Get the row(s) which have the max value in groups using groupby

In [1]: df
    Sp  Mt Value  count
0  MM1  S1     a      3
1  MM1  S1     n      2
2  MM1  S3    cb      5
3  MM2  S3    mk      8
4  MM2  S4    bg     10
5  MM2  S4   dgd      1
6  MM4  S2    rd      2
7  MM4  S2    cb      2
8  MM4  S2   uyi      7

In [2]: df.groupby(['Mt'], sort=False)['count'].max()
S1     3
S3     8
S4    10
S2     7
Name: count

To get the indices of the original DF you can do:

In [3]: idx = df.groupby(['Mt'])['count'].transform(max) == df['count']

In [4]: df[idx]
    Sp  Mt Value  count
0  MM1  S1     a      3
3  MM2  S3    mk      8
4  MM2  S4    bg     10
8  MM4  S2   uyi      7

Note that if you have multiple max values per group, all will be returned.


On a hail mary chance that this is what the OP is requesting:

In [5]: df['count_max'] = df.groupby(['Mt'])['count'].transform(max)

In [6]: df
    Sp  Mt Value  count  count_max
0  MM1  S1     a      3          3
1  MM1  S1     n      2          3
2  MM1  S3    cb      5          8
3  MM2  S3    mk      8          8
4  MM2  S4    bg     10         10
5  MM2  S4   dgd      1         10
6  MM4  S2    rd      2          7
7  MM4  S2    cb      2          7
8  MM4  S2   uyi      7          7

PHP, pass array through POST

You could put it in the session:

$_SESSION['array_name'] = $array_name;

Or if you want to send it via a form you can serialize it:

<input type='hidden' name='input_name' value="<?php echo htmlentities(serialize($array_name)); ?>" />

$passed_array = unserialize($_POST['input_name']);

Note that to work with serialized arrays, you need to use POST as the form's transmission method, as GET has a size limit somewhere around 1024 characters.

I'd use sessions wherever possible.

What's the difference of $host and $http_host in Nginx

$host is a variable of the Core module.


This variable is equal to line Host in the header of request or name of the server processing the request if the Host header is not available.

This variable may have a different value from $http_host in such cases: 1) when the Host input header is absent or has an empty value, $host equals to the value of server_name directive; 2)when the value of Host contains port number, $host doesn't include that port number. $host's value is always lowercase since 0.8.17.

$http_host is also a variable of the same module but you won't find it with that name because it is defined generically as $http_HEADER (ref).


The value of the HTTP request header HEADER when converted to lowercase and with 'dashes' converted to 'underscores', e.g. $http_user_agent, $http_referer...;


  • $http_host equals always the HTTP_HOST request header.
  • $host equals $http_host, lowercase and without the port number (if present), except when HTTP_HOST is absent or is an empty value. In that case, $host equals the value of the server_name directive of the server which processed the request.

Making a triangle shape using xml definitions?

The solution of Jacek Milewski works for me and, based on his solution, if you need and inversed triangle you can use this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<layer-list xmlns:android="" >
            <shape android:shape="rectangle">    
                <solid android:color="@color/aquamarine" />

How to empty the message in a text area with jquery?


Explanation (from @BalusC):
textarea is an input element with a value. You actually want to "empty" the value. So as for every other input element (input, select, textarea) you need to use element.val('');.

Also see docs

PHP post_max_size overrides upload_max_filesize

The normal method to send a file upload is POST, thus also post_max_size should be 16 Mb or more.

Incidentally, also memory_limit plays a role. It should be bigger than 16Mb, but since the default value is 128Mb, you won't see this problem. Example php.ini configuration:

post_max_size = 16M
upload_max_filesize = 16M
memory_limit = 128M

Change these value in php.ini if you've access to it, otherwise you can try to change them in an .htaccess file.

php_value upload_max_filesize 16M
php_value post_max_size 16M 

This will work only if the AllowOverride settings permit it. Otherwise, you've to ask to your hosting company.

Delete last commit in bitbucket

If you are not working with others (or are happy to cause them significant annoyance), then it is possible to remove commits from bitbucket branches.

If you're trying to change a non-master branch:

git reset HEAD^               # remove the last commit from the branch history
git push origin :branch_name  # delete the branch from bitbucket
git push origin branch_name   # push the branch back up again, without the last commit

if you're trying to change the master branch

In git generally, the master branch is not special - it's just a convention. However, bitbucket and github and similar sites usually require there to be a main branch (presumably because it's easier than writing more code to handle the event that a repository has no branches - not sure). So you need to create a new branch, and make that the main branch:

# on master:
git checkout -b master_temp  
git reset HEAD^              # undo the bad commit on master_temp
git push origin master_temp  # push the new master to Bitbucket

On Bitbucket, go to the repository settings, and change the "Main branch" to master_temp (on Github, change the "Default branch").

git push origin :master     # delete the original master branch from Bitbucket
git checkout master
git reset master_temp       # reset master to master_temp (removing the bad commit)
git push origin master      # re-upload master to bitbucket

Now go to Bitbucket, and you should see the history that you want. You can now go to the settings page and change the Main branch back to master.

This process will also work with any other history changes (e.g. git filter-branch). You just have to make sure to reset to appropriate commits, before the new history split off from the old.

edit: apparently you don't need to go to all this hassle on github, as you can force-push a reset branch.

Dealing with annoyed collaborators

Next time anyone tries to pull from your repository, (if they've already pulled the bad commit), the pull will fail. They will manually have to reset to a commit before the changed history, and then pull again.

git reset HEAD^
git pull

If they have pulled the bad commit, and committed on top of it, then they will have to reset, and then git cherry-pick the good commits that they want to create, effectively re-creating the whole branch without the bad commit.

If they never pulled the bad commit, then this whole process won't affect them, and they can pull as normal.

how do I query sql for a latest record date for each user

This should also work in order to get all the latest entries for users.

SELECT username, MAX(date) as Date, value
FROM MyTable
GROUP BY username, value

commands not found on zsh

Restarting the terminal also made the trick for me.

Applying function with multiple arguments to create a new pandas column

This solves the problem:

df['newcolumn'] = df.A * df.B

You could also do:

def fab(row):
  return row['A'] * row['B']

df['newcolumn'] = df.apply(fab, axis=1)

Changing the image source using jQuery

You can use jQuery's attr() function. For example, if your img tag has an id attribute of 'my_image', you would do this:

<img id="my_image" src="first.jpg"/>

Then you can change the src of your image with jQuery like this:


To attach this to a click event, you could write:

    'click': function(){

To rotate the image, you could do this:

    'click': function() {
         var src = ($(this).attr('src') === 'img1_on.jpg')
            ? 'img2_on.jpg'
            : 'img1_on.jpg';
         $(this).attr('src', src);

How to create Python egg file

I think you should use python wheels for distribution instead of egg now.

Wheels are the new standard of python distribution and are intended to replace eggs. Support is offered in pip >= 1.4 and setuptools >= 0.8.

Install Application programmatically on Android

Another solution that doesn't not require to hard-code the receiving app and that is therefore safer:

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_INSTALL_PACKAGE);
intent.setData( Uri.fromFile(new File(pathToApk)) );

Is there a printf converter to print in binary format?

There is also an idea to convert the number to hexadecimal format and then to decode each hexadecimal cipher to four "bits" (ones and zeros). sprintf can do bit operations for us:

const char* binary(int n) {
  static const char binnums[16][5] = { "0000","0001","0010","0011",
    "0100","0101","0110","0111","1000","1001","1010","1011","1100","1101","1110","1111" };
  static const char* hexnums = "0123456789abcdef";
  static char inbuffer[16], outbuffer[4*16];
  const char *i;
  sprintf(inbuffer,"%x",n); // hexadecimal n -> inbuffer
  for(i=inbuffer; *i!=0; ++i) { // for each hexadecimal cipher
    int d = strchr(hexnums,*i) - hexnums; // store its decimal value to d
    char* o = outbuffer+(i-inbuffer)*4; // shift four characters in outbuffer
    sprintf(o,"%s",binnums[d]); // place binary value of d there
  return strchr(outbuffer,'1'); // omit leading zeros

puts(binary(42)); // outputs 101010