Laravel: getting a a single value from a MySQL query

The Solution to Laravel: getting a a single value from a MySQL query is

yet another edit: As of version 5.2 pluck is not deprecated anymore, it just got new behaviour (same as lists previously - see side-note below):

edit: As of version 5.1 pluck is deprecated, so start using value instead:

DB::table('users')->where('username', $username)->value('groupName');    

// valid for L4 / L5.0 only
DB::table('users')->where('username', $username)->pluck('groupName');

this will return single value of groupName field of the first row found.

SIDE NOTE reg. @TomasButeler comment: As Laravel doesn't follow sensible versioning, there are sometimes cases like this. At the time of writing this answer we had pluck method to get SINGLE value from the query (Laravel 4.* & 5.0).

Then, with L5.1 pluck got deprecated and, instead, we got value method to replace it.

But to make it funny, pluck in fact was never gone. Instead it just got completely new behaviour and... deprecated lists method.. (L5.2) - that was caused by the inconsistency between Query Builder and Collection methods (in 5.1 pluck worked differently on the collection and query, that's the reason).

~ Answered on 2014-09-19 09:50:03

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