[javascript] Graph visualization library in JavaScript

I have a data structure that represents a directed graph, and I want to render that dynamically on an HTML page. These graphs will usually be just a few nodes, maybe ten at the very upper end, so my guess is that performance isn't going to be a big deal. Ideally, I'd like to be able to hook it in with jQuery so that users can tweak the layout manually by dragging the nodes around.

Note: I'm not looking for a charting library.

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As guruz mentioned, the JIT has several lovely graph/tree layouts, including quite appealing RGraph and HyperTree visualizations.

Also, I've just put up a super simple SVG-based implementation at github (no dependencies, ~125 LOC) that should work well enough for small graphs displayed in modern browsers.

Disclaimer: I'm a developer of Cytoscape.js

Cytoscape.js is a HTML5 graph visualisation library. The API is sophisticated and follows jQuery conventions, including

  • selectors for querying and filtering (cy.elements("node[weight >= 50].someClass") does much as you would expect),
  • chaining (e.g. cy.nodes().unselect().trigger("mycustomevent")),
  • jQuery-like functions for binding to events,
  • elements as collections (like jQuery has collections of HTMLDomElements),
  • extensibility (can add custom layouts, UI, core & collection functions, and so on),
  • and more.

If you're thinking about building a serious webapp with graphs, you should at least consider Cytoscape.js. It's free and open-source:


JsVIS was pretty nice, but slow with larger graphs, and has been abandoned since 2007.

prefuse is a set of software tools for creating rich interactive data visualizations in Java. flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player, abandoned since 2012.

In a commercial scenario, a serious contestant for sure is yFiles for HTML:

It offers:

  • Easy import of custom data (this interactive online demo seems to pretty much do exactly what the OP was looking for)
  • Interactive editing for creating and manipulating the diagrams through user gestures (see the complete editor)
  • A huge programming API for customizing each and every aspect of the library
  • Support for grouping and nesting (both interactive, as well as through the layout algorithms)
  • Does not depend on a specfic UI toolkit but supports integration into almost any existing Javascript toolkit (see the "integration" demos)
  • Automatic layout (various styles, like "hierarchic", "organic", "orthogonal", "tree", "circular", "radial", and more)
  • Automatic sophisticated edge routing (orthogonal and organic edge routing with obstacle avoidance)
  • Incremental and partial layout (adding and removing elements and only slightly or not at all changing the rest of the diagram)
  • Support for grouping and nesting (both interactive, as well as through the layout algorithms)
  • Implementations of graph analysis algorithms (paths, centralities, network flows, etc.)
  • Uses HTML 5 technologies like SVG+CSS and Canvas and modern Javascript leveraging properties and other more ES5 and ES6 features (but for the same reason will not run in IE versions 8 and lower).
  • Uses a modular API that can be loaded on-demand using UMD loaders

Here is a sample rendering that shows most of the requested features:

Screenshot of a sample rendering created by the BPMN demo.

Full disclosure: I work for yWorks, but on Stackoverflow I do not represent my employer.

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