[sql-server] SQL count rows in a table

I need to send a SQL query to a database that tells me how many rows there are in a table. I could get all the rows in the table with a SELECT and then count them, but I don't like to do it this way. Is there some other way to ask the number of the rows in a table to the SQL server?

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The answer is


select sum([rows])
from sys.partitions
where object_id=object_id('tablename')
 and index_id in (0,1)

is very fast but very rarely inaccurate.

Why don't you just right click on the table and then properties -> Storage and it would tell you the row count. You can use the below for row count in a view

SELECT SUM (row_count) 
FROM sys.dm_db_partition_stats 
WHERE object_id=OBJECT_ID('Transactions')    
AND (index_id=0 or index_id=1)`

Use This Query :

    S.name + '.' + T.name As TableName ,
    SUM( P.rows ) As RowCont 

From sys.tables As T
    Inner Join sys.partitions As P On ( P.OBJECT_ID = T.OBJECT_ID )
    Inner Join sys.schemas As S On ( T.schema_id = S.schema_id )
    ( T.is_ms_shipped = 0 )
    ( P.index_id IN (1,0) )
    ( T.type = 'U' )

Group By S.name , T.name 

Order By SUM( P.rows ) Desc

Here is the Query

select count(*) from tablename


select count(rownum) from studennt

The index statistics likely need to be current, but this will return the number of rows for all tables that are not MS_SHIPPED.

select o.name, i.rowcnt 
from sys.objects o join sys.sysindexes i 
on o.object_id = i.id
where o.is_ms_shipped = 0
and i.rowcnt > 0
order by o.name

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