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I'd like to place a link on a webpage which opens a whatsapp chat with a certain whatsapp contact. In other words: I want a "contact me by whatsapp" link to go next to the page's "Contact us my facebook/twitter/google+/etc" links. Something like:

href="whatsapp:[email protected]&message="I'd like to chat with you"

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The Best Answer is


********* UPDATE ADDED AT THE END *********

I've tried many approaches and I have a winner (see Test 3), here is the result of each one:

(I think the Test 3 will also work for you because if the person visiting your site doesn't have you on their contact list, it's the only option that will allow it.)

In all tests, the number had to be complete, with country and location code without any initial zeros. Example:

  • +55(011) 99999-9999 (NOT)
  • +5511999999999 (YES)

On tests 1 and 2, it only worked with a plus sign on the country code: +5511999999999

Test 1:

<a href="whatsapp://send?abid=phonenumber&text=Hello%2C%20World!">Send Message</a>

This way you must have the phonenumber on your contact list. It doesn't work for me because I wanted to be able to send a message to a number which I may not have on my contact list.

If you don't have the number on your contact list, it opens the Whatsapp listing all your registered contacts, so you can choose one.

It's a good option for sharing stuff.

Test 2:

<a href="intent://send/phonenumber#Intent;scheme=smsto;package=com.whatsapp;action=android.intent.action.SENDTO;end">Send Message</a>

This approach only works on Android AND if you have the number on your contact list. If you don't have it, Android opens your SMS app, so you can invite the contact to use Whatsapp.

Test 3 (The Winner):

<a href="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone=15551234567">Send Message</a>

This was the only way that worked fully for me.

  • It works on Android, iOS and Web app on the desktop,
  • You can start a conversation with a number that you don't have on your contact list
  • You can create a link with one pre-built message adding &text=[message-url-encoded] like:


And if you wish to have a bookmarklet for additional ease of use, you may use this one:

javascript: (function() { var val= prompt("Enter phone number",""); if (val) location="https://api.whatsapp.com/send?phone="+escape('972' + val)+""; })()

Youll need to change the country code(or remove it) to you.r target country and paste it in the address field in a chrome/firefox link

Worth notice:

***************** UPDATE (START) *****************

Whatsapp made available other option, now you can create one link to a conversation like this:


The phone number should be in international format:

Like this:


NOT like this:


And if you want to add one pre-built message to your link, you can add ?text= at the end with the text URL Encoded:




More info here:


***************** UPDATE (END) *****************

~ Answered on 2017-04-11 22:29:09


The following link seems to work fine -

<a href="whatsapp://send?text=Hello World!&phone=+9198********1">Ping me on WhatsApp</a>

It opens the contact in WhatsApp app, along with the message 'Hello World!' prepopulated in the input text box.

(Tested this with google chrome on an android phone.)

~ Answered on 2017-01-16 10:21:10

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