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I am building a proof of concept using Elasticsearch Logstash and Kibana for one of my projects. I have the dashboard with the graphs working without any issue. One of the requirements for my project is the ability to download the file(csv/excel). In kibana the only option i saw for downloading the file is by clicking on edit button on the visualization created. Is it possible to add a link on the dashboard that would allow users to download the file without going into the edit mode. And secondly I would like to disable/hide the edit mode for anyone other than me who views the dashboard. Thanks

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The answer is

In Kibana 6.5, you can generate CSV under the Share Tab -> CSV Reports.

The request will be queued. Once the CSV is generated, it will be available for download under Management -> Reporting

To export data to csv/excel from Kibana follow the following steps:-

  1. Click on Visualize Tab & select a visualization (if created). If not created create a visualziation.

  2. Click on caret symbol (^) which is present at the bottom of the visualization.

  3. Then you will get an option of Export:Raw Formatted as the bottom of the page.

Please find below attached image showing Export option after clicking on caret symbol.

Please find below attached image showing Export option after clicking on caret symbol.

FYI : How to download data in CSV from Kibana:

In Kibana--> 1. Go to 'Discover' in left side

  1. Select Index Field (based on your dashboard data) (*** In case if you are not sure which index to select-->go to management tab-->Saved Objects-->Dashboard-->select dashboard name-->scroll down to JSON-->you will see the Index name )

  2. left side you see all the variables available in the data-->click over the variable name that you want to have in csv-->click add-->this variable will be added on the right side of the columns avaliable

  3. Top right section of the kibana-->there is the time filter-->click -->select the duration for which you want the csv

  4. Top upper right -->Reporting-->save this time/variable selection with a new report-->click generate CSV

  5. Go to 'Management' in left side--> 'Reporting'-->download your csv

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