Convert xlsx to csv in Linux with command line


I'm looking for a way to convert xlsx files to csv files on Linux.

I do not want to use PHP/Perl or anything like that since I'm looking at processing several millions of lines, so I need something quick. I found a program on the Ubuntu repos called xls2csv but it will only convert xls (Office 2003) files (which I'm currently using) but I need support for the newer Excel files.

Any ideas?

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~ Asked on 2012-05-11 19:18:12

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The Gnumeric spreadsheet application comes with a command line utility called ssconvert that can convert between a variety of spreadsheet formats:

$ ssconvert Book1.xlsx newfile.csv
Using exporter Gnumeric_stf:stf_csv

$ cat newfile.csv 

To install on Ubuntu:

apt-get install gnumeric

To install on Mac:

brew install gnumeric

~ Answered on 2012-05-14 09:34:41


If you already have a Desktop environment then I'm sure Gnumeric / LibreOffice would work well, but on a headless server (such as Amazon Web Services), they require dozens of dependencies that you also need to install.

I found this Python alternative:

$ easy_install xlsx2csv
$ xlsx2csv file.xlsx > newfile.csv

Took 2 seconds to install and works like a charm.

If you have multiple sheets you can export all at once, or one at a time:

$ xlsx2csv file.xlsx --all > all.csv
$ xlsx2csv file.xlsx --all -p '' > all-no-delimiter.csv
$ xlsx2csv file.xlsx -s 1 > sheet1.csv

He also links to several alternatives built in Bash, Python, Ruby, and Java.

~ Answered on 2014-02-14 18:34:32

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