How to convert QString to int?


I have a QString in my sources. So I need to convert it to integer without "Kb".

I tried Abcd.toInt() but it does not work.

QString Abcd = "123.5 Kb"

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~ Asked on 2013-05-19 10:15:59

The Best Answer is


You don't have all digit characters in your string. So you have to split by space

QString Abcd = "123.5 Kb";
Abcd.split(" ")[0].toInt();    //convert the first part to Int
Abcd.split(" ")[0].toDouble(); //convert the first part to double
Abcd.split(" ")[0].toFloat();  //convert the first part to float

Update: I am updating an old answer. That was a straight forward answer to the specific question, with a strict assumption. However as noted by @DomTomCat in comments and @Mikhail in answer, In general one should always check whether the operation is successful or not. So using a boolean flag is necessary.

bool flag;
double v = Abcd.split(" ")[0].toDouble(&flag); 
  // use v

Also if you are taking that string as user input, then you should also be doubtful about whether the string is really splitable with space. If there is a possibility that the assumption may break then a regex verifier is more preferable. A regex like the following will extract the floating point value and the prefix character of 'b'. Then you can safely convert the captured strings to double.


You can have an utility function like the following

QPair<double, QString> split_size_str(const QString& str){
    QRegExp regex("([0-9]*\\.?[0-9]+)\\s+(\\w[bB])");
    int pos = regex.indexIn(str);
    QStringList captures = regex.capturedTexts();
    if(captures.count() > 1){
        double value = captures[1].toDouble(); // should succeed as regex matched
        QString unit = captures[2]; // should succeed as regex matched
        return qMakePair(value, unit);
    return qMakePair(0.0f, QString());

~ Answered on 2013-05-19 10:33:07


Don't forget to check if the conversion was successful!

bool ok;
auto str= tr("1337");
str.toDouble(&ok); // returns 1337.0, ok set to true
auto strr= tr("LEET");
strr.toDouble(&ok); // returns 0.0, ok set to false

~ Answered on 2017-02-27 07:42:08

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