How to add a "sleep" or "wait" to my Lua Script?

The Solution to How to add a "sleep" or "wait" to my Lua Script? is

Lua doesn't provide a standard sleep function, but there are several ways to implement one, see Sleep Function for detail.

For Linux, this may be the easiest one:

function sleep(n)
  os.execute("sleep " .. tonumber(n))

In Windows, you can use ping:

function sleep(n)
  if n > 0 then os.execute("ping -n " .. tonumber(n+1) .. " localhost > NUL") end

The one using select deserves some attention because it is the only portable way to get sub-second resolution:

require "socket"

function sleep(sec), nil, sec)


~ Answered on 2013-08-01 07:30:04

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