[python] How to start Spyder IDE on Windows

I downloaded spyder using the

pip install spyder

in my windows 10 32-bit operating system, but i dont see any desktop icons or exe files to start running the IDE. I downloaded spyder 3, any my python is 3.6. I even tried creating a shortcut of spyder.exe from the Python3.6/Scripts folder, but it won't open.

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The answer is

Try the command spyder3 If you check the scripts folder you'll find spyder3.exe

If you are using Anaconda execute the following commands and your life will be saved!

conda update qt pyqt
conda update spyder

method 1:


method 2:

python -c "from spyder.app import start; start.main()"

method 3:

python -m spyder.app.start

In case if you want the desktop icon

In desktop, create a new shortcut, in Location paste this

%comspec% /k spyder3

then type the name Spyder,

Now you may have Desktop Icon for opening Spyder

The name of the spyder executable was changed to spyder3.exe in python version 3. I install pyqt5 and spyder via pip and was able to launch spyder3. I first tried without installing pyqt5 and nothing happened. Once I installed pyqt5, then spyder 3 opened.

Try the following from a windows cmd.exe prompt:

    C:\Users\..>pip install pyqt5
    C:\Users\..>pip install spyder

As stated in the documentation of Spyder, you need to install PyQt5 first.

Open a Command Prompt as Administrator, then run:

pip install pyqt5
pip install spyder

Then you can find the spyder3.exe in the Python3.6/Scripts folder. You can also make a shortcut to it. No need for Anaconda.

Install Ananconda packages and within that launch spyder 3 for first time. Then by second time you just click on spyder under anaconda in all programs.

Try these commands in order

pip3 install spyder

Open a command prompt. Enter the command spyder. Does anything appear? If an exception is preventing it from opening, you would be able to see the reason here. If the command is not found, update your environment variables to point to the Python3.6/Scripts folder, and run spyder again (in a new cmd prompt).

on windows,

  1. pip install --upgrade spyder

  2. in powershell, start python shell, by typing python

    from spyder.app import start

That't it.

After pip install spyder give this command

pip install --upgrade spyder

This command will update all Spyder dependencies.

Now in command prompt(cmd) navigate to the scripts folder in your python directory. In my system the path is C:\Users\win10\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\Scripts so i use the following command in command prompt.

cd C:\Users\win10\AppData\Local\Programs\Python\Python36-32\Scripts

once you are inside scripts directory type spyder3 and press enter and spyder ide starts.


I had the same problem after setting up my environment on Windows 10. I have Python 3.6.2 x64 installed as my default Python distribution and is in my PATH so I can launch from cmd prompt.

I installed PyQt5 (pip install pyqt5) and Spyder (pip install spyder) which both installed w/out error and included all of the necessary dependencies.

To launch Spyder, I created a simple Python script (Spyder.py):

# Spyder Start Script
from spyder.app import start

Then I created a Windows batch file (Spyder.bat):

@echo off
python c:\<path_to_Spyder_py>\Spyder.py

Lastly, I created a shortcut on my desktop which launches Spyder.bat and updated the icon to one I downloaded from the Spyder github project.

Works like a charm for me.

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