7 Best Issue (Bug) Tracking Software in 2022!


There's no denying the fact that customers are likely to have issues using your products or services, regardless of how wonderful they may be.

The first thing your customers should do when they experience issues when using your products is to call your customer support to report the issue.

Imagine receiving more than 100 complaints from customers regarding various problems on a regular basis. It's a nightmare, isn't it? !

Even if you've got the right personnel to handle customer service The sheer number of complaints may be difficult to track and manage.

This is where software for tracking issues will come in to help you out! They're created to help you comprehend issues from the beginning to the very end, and effectively handle them so that you can solve issues swiftly while maintaining an efficient process.

If you're feeling who is overwhelmed by inquiries from customers however, you don't understand the meaning of an issue-tracking application is, then you've found the right resource!

In this blog, we'll describe to you what issue tracking software is and why they are essential as well as an overview of the top ones on the market!

What are you sitting to do? Dive right in!

What is an Issue Tracking Software?

An issue tracking program is a program that allows you to track and track the progress of each customer's ticket or issue you have in your inbox from start to the end.

All issues are recorded in a central system when it is reported by customers. This means that it starts to track when a client has a problem, and then ends after it has been resolved, and the customer is able to provide feedback on the service received.

A powerful software for tracking issues lets you:

  • Automatically direct issues to right teams
  • Make use of dashboards to address the customer's issues
  • Track Resolution of all issues reported
  • Record customer feedback regarding your service.
  • A well-designed issue tracking program prioritizes customer complaints and assures that no customer inquiry is missed and that service requests are finished in time.

Now you know about what an issue-tracking software does, let's take a some time to consider why you should use it for your company!

Why Do You Need an Issue Tracking Software?

Here are some advantages of using software for issue tracking:

1. Provides Omnichannel Support

A solution for issue tracking software lets you create an omnichannel user experience for your customers through a variety of communication like social media, email and live chat and more. Your customers can contact you regarding their issues through your preferred channel.

2. Includes Collaboration Features

With the help of issue tracking software, you can improve and streamline the communication among your team since it includes collaboration tools that permit you and your team members to work in real-time. It makes sure that different teams within your organisation can work on a problem at the same time , and ensure that issues can be resolved effectively and efficiently.

3. Supports Automation

The most appealing aspect of using an issue-tracking software is that it means you'll say goodbye to manual work involved in solving customer problems due to its automated features.

With this program, you can assign tasks, prioritize and organize problems, and respond to commonly asked questions. This can help you save time and increase overall efficiency.

4. Offers Various App Integrations

One of the most impressive features in issue-tracking software is the capability to connect with a variety of other apps and tools to support service including the CRM platform, client support software, and much more. This means that you'll be able to consolidate all of your information into one place that will improve efficiency as well as transparency and confidence within your organization.

5. Includes Reporting and Analytics

Because the majority of issue tracking software includes the ability to report and analytics It allows you to keep track of the development of your team as well as assists in identifying areas that need improvement. The dashboard feature and the visualizations aid in analysing performance and give insight on the progress of your team.

The software also allows you to establish objectives and benchmarks for your team members to meet and then use them to measure their performance with an integrated analysis. This will allow you to continuously enhance your service to your clients.

In simple terms issues tracking software facilitates the smooth running of procedures, helps keep mistakes at bay and makes customer service simple and straightforward for all affected! Do we need to explain more about the significance in using an issue tracker software?

Once you've established that Check out this list of outstanding issue tracking software available!

List of Issue Tracking Software

1. Jira

Let's begin this list with Jira one of the oldest software for tracking issues and bugs. It was created by Atlassian to track, report and provide details of any defects or actions taken prior to and during the development of an application.

Jira aids in internal bug tracking within the company. It lets you submit problems by either creating and sending them through Jira or import it from different sources, such as CSV, Excel, or other issue tracking tools such as Redmine as well as Bugzilla.

With Jira's features for managing projects it is possible to schedule the review, track, and schedule current and complete debugging projects inside the database. Additionally, it has boards the ability to create plans for sprints, stories and issues as well as assigning tasks. What's more? Jira lets you capture screenshots of detected software bugs or other defects.


  • Free plan available
  • Pay-per-use plans begin at $7per month

2. Backlog

Backlog is an all-in-one web-based software for managing projects that provides issues and bug tracking solutions. It lets you record and track bugs as well as visualise the development of your project from beginning to the point of.

Backlog follows a 4-step procedure to address any software issue. When you capture the issue it lets you record the date and time the issue took place during the prioritizing process it categorizes problems according to urgency and then assigned to the team. during the tracking phase it permits you to make comments on tasks related to updates. In the phase of release, it permits you to communicate the resolutions in the tool.

Other aspects of Backlog include the management of tasks as well as Kanban-style boards, version control Gantt charts and burndown charts, file sharing custom statuses, and much more. Backlog is built-in with Git and SVN repository systems. Additionally, it's accessible on each of iOS and Android devices.


  1. Free version available
  2. Pay-per-month plans start at $35.

3. LiveAgent

We also have LiveAgent which is an advanced help desk with features and ticketing system that analyzes the volume of inquiries and provides top-quality support to customers. It's ideal for medium and small-sized businesses in the field of e-commerce, Saas, Insurance, Startups and many other areas.

LiveAgent offers an outstanding issue tracking tool that lets you to track issues starting from the time it's that it is reported until resolutions are made. It offers the ability to access centrally the incoming messages and tickets. It also produces reports that allow you to check the status of problems from any location.

Other capabilities included in LiveAgent includes live chat telephone support API billing management systems and Social media integration. What's more? You can access their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • Free version available
  • Plans that are paid start as low just $15/user/month.

4. Zoho Bug Tracker

Zoho Bug Tracker a great bug tracking and issue tracking program that comes with a wide range of assistance desk solutions. It lets you record as well as track issues. It also informs you when issues are reported and updates are released.

Through Zoho Bug Tracker it is possible to design a custom interface that meets the needs of your team, modify your workflow to meet your customers' requirements, and even monitor and visualize problems on an Kanban board.

Zoho Bug Tracker lets you effortlessly communicate with one platform to manage all your support inquiries via chat, email and social media, as well as phone and various web forms.

Additionally, the software allows you to automatize workflows, design assignment rules, define various SLAs as well as provide detailed reports and analytics as well as more.


  1. Free plan available
  2. Paid plans start at just $3/user/month

5. HappyFox

HappyFox is a software for tracking customer issues that assists in organizing customer support tickets according to priority, category and the rate of the progress. It lets you review the feedback of your customers through dashboards and reports, and handles customer support issues in the way that they prefer.

With the automated tracking capabilities of HappyFox it is easy to simplify repetitive tasks like the assignment of support problems to users and updating status of tickets and then creating a seamless process for resolution of tickets.

You can trust HappyFox's agent scheduling software to easily assign agents according to the number of complaints and utilize its hassle-free problem routing method to avoid repeated and frequent issues from occurring again.

HappyFox also comes with an knowledge base and self-service portal that lets users to search for specific issues as well as detailed articles to gain a greater knowledge of the problem and its solution. Additionally, it offers an online community forum that allows you to work with other parties to resolve the issue quicker.


  • Starts at $39/user/month.

6. Freshdesk

Next up, we've Freshdesk which is a robust and flexible issue tracking software featuring cutting-edge technology and superior AI capabilities to monitor all complaints from customers and tickets. It's ideal for businesses of any size.

With Freshdesk it is possible to organize all customer chats all in one location as well as filter prioritizing your customers' support tickets according to timeframe, issue type and other characteristics so that queries from customers are handled efficiently.

With its AI capabilities it is possible to automate repetitive work, utilize pre-defined answers for simple questions, and work with teams on more complex tickets to speed up the resolution of issues.

Other aspects of Freshdesk include collision detection systems to stop multiple agents from using the same ticket as well as the Freshconnect feature that allows collaboration with tickets that share ownership and merging tickets of similar types as well as multiple integrations and much more!


  1. Free Sprout version is available
  2. Blossom for $15/month
  3. Garden for $35/month
  4. Estate for $49/month or Forest for $99/month

7. Zendesk

Finally, we offer Zendesk which is an easy-to-use customer support application that has excellent ability to track issues that allow you to effortlessly communicate with your clients and address the issues they face promptly. It's an excellent software option for startups.

Zendesk offers a problem tracker which aids in the visualization and creating customer tickets and their associated incidents. This helps you identify the issues that need immediate attention. The automated ticketing system can help reduce time and energy consumption and helps you stay organized and makes sure that every issue is resolved.

With Zendesk the software, you can get rid of spreadsheets, create custom reports, and gain insight on your clients and discover what it means for your company.

Zendesk offers a shared inbox that allows all assistance requests received from various channels such as email, phone and social media are able to be reviewed by all agents in order to increase the communication process and collaborate. In addition, it comes with an AI-powered chatbot, and integrates with a variety of services.


  1. Free version is available for download with limitations on capabilities
  2. Professional plan starting at $15/month.
  3. Plan for Enterprise with $59/month


If you choose the right software with the right software, you'll be able deliver top outcomes, boost performance and earn a name for outstanding customer service.

On this page, we've made a list of the most effective issue tracking software on the market. These software can help you effectively manage, track and solve all customer problems and avoid them from occurring repeatedly.

All you need to do is carefully examine your company's requirements and choose an issue-tracking software to assist you in improving your workflow , without consuming your budget. Best of luck!